Thursday, June 08, 2017

Today's testimony: Trump exonerated, Comey worthless, Democrats insane

Here are the important insights from James Comey's testimony today.

1. Trump told the truth.  Comey told him three times that he was not the target of an investigation.  Comey confirmed this and identified the dates.  The mainstream media and their anonymous sources lied.

2. Trump did not tell Comey to close down the investigation into Russian meddling in the election, and even said if there's evidence then it must be pursued, even if it involved people connected to Trump.  Again, the MSM lied.

3. Comey intentionally leaked information in order to try to get a special prosecutor.  He also kow-towed to Loretta Lynch and denied Hillary Clinton was under investigation, when she was.  Comey is a coward, as we as a liar, and by virtue of not living up to his oath of office, a traitor, at least in spirit.  Steele is vindicated, and the MSM again shown to be liars.

There was nothing at all in Comey's sworn testimony that supports the cranky "theories" of Trump-Russia collusion.  In fact, Comey even made clear that the FBI never touched the DNC servers; they simply took the word of a third party that Russians hacked them.  Good grief!

4. The anti-Trump MSM/left/Democrat complex is so besodden with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) that they cannot let go.  They began with a sentence (impeach and expel from office), moved to a verdict (Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Mrs. Clinton), and although they have no evidence and their "best" source just refuted their arguments, the conclusion they draw from this is given by Vox & Matthew Iglesias below.  The Dems and the left are clearly entirely disconnected from reality at this point.  That's the definition of insanity, a state of mind so disordered one cannot identify reality.  This describes them perfectly.

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