Sunday, October 13, 2019

Le Grizz 18!

Yesterday (12 October) I finished my 18th Le Grizz 50 Mile Ultramarathon, in the area around Polebridge, Montana.  This is something of a milestone, as it is also my 50th finish in an ultra.  Race report will follow at some point.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Crazy, They Said

Another attempt at a short short, again inspired by Darleen Click's "Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge" on the Victory Girls blog.  I'm embarrassed to admit I went 37 words over the limit.
“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” ~~ Marcus Aurelius

The pig-tailed waif put down the microphone and glared icily around the chamber. The delegates to the Galactic Council cast down their eyes in shame, the penultimate line “How dare you!” ringing in their ears and other aural sensors.
The Secretary cleared xir throat nervously. “Perhaps we should vote.”
As hands, paws, tentacles, and other appendages began to reach for the buttons that registered choices, a faint noise interrupted, growing in intensity… A snicker, then a chortle, and then a loud guffaw. All eyes and other photodetectors turned to the small, lemur-like delegate from the obscure planet Shmoo, who was by now rolling in the aisle, convulsed with laughter. “‘I demand you vote to outlaw reality,’ she says,” the little creature howled, holding its sides and gasping for breath, “AND YOU ARE ALL ABOUT TO VOTE YES!”

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Glory to Hong Kong

Glory to Hong Kong!  Long live China!  Death to the PRC  and CCP.  Xi take note, or face the dustbin of history.  First version is no longer available (ChiCom interference?) so try the next one.

"Happy Birthday 'People's Republic'of China"

"Your time has passed, now please hurry up and die."

That's our birthday wish for the PRC from Unforeseen Contingencies.  Not China -- China is the world's longest existing civilization, and we wish China well.  May China soon recover from its communist malaise and take its place among great civilizations.

October 1st is the PRC's anniversary.  The PRC killed more of its own citizens than any other regime in history.  Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the other contenders for the homicide/bloodshed crown, fell behind.  Kampuchea, the regime of the Khmer Rouge, may have killed a higher percentage of the population, but for sheer numbers China's Communist Party and the PRC win the title for butchery.

Under Deng Xiao-ping, China began to move away from totalitarianism.  Unfortunately, Deng feared losing control and crushed one of China's most hopeful developments, the Tienanmen Democracy movement...which actually did not promote democratic rule but freedom of speech and freedom of thought.  The principle established at Tienanmen is that any "freedom" is only by permission of the Chinese Communist Party.  That is, there's no freedom.

The people of Hong Kong are uninterested in that.  They insist on the rules that the communist party promised to uphold.  Communists are liars on principle, they oppose morality that differs from whatever their goals might be, and hence today's clashes.

Communism, and in this case the Chinese Communist Party, are a cancer on civilized society and must be removed, like any malignancy.  May the people of Hong Kong triumph in their struggle against their communist oppressors.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Truth about America's Democrats and Socialism

Can it be that the Republican Party will actually fight the evil that the Democrat leadership is promoting?  Let it be so!

Here is an absolutely wonderful ad that calls the Democrats out for their support of socialism.  It's narrated by Elizabeth Heng, whose parents barely escaped death at the hands of the Pol Pot regime.  Scoundrels such as Comrades Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, Warren, and the rest are outraged.

Of course they are -- this hits way too close to home for them.  It names what is in their minds and hearts.  They say "Sweden," but think "Venezuela, Cuba, USSR."  I have never before seen an American political campaign where the candidates of one party talk about what ruin they will visit on their political opponents if they win.  Gun confiscation, wealth confiscation, draconian taxes, forced changes in diets, outlawing of automobiles, abolishing entire industries...


Watch the video.  Share the message.

UC Update

No blogging for a bit as I've been tied up with other things.  But it's time to restart.

Chaos, Julie, and I wrapped up our summer activities in Montana and successfully migrated back to Michigan, where I've been rather busy.  August was actually rather eventful, as I completed my 48th ultramarathon at the HURL Elkhorn 52K, half an hour faster than in 2018 at that.  Our trip to Michigan included an extra day in Michigan's beautiful UP, where Julie photographed the rather dramatic Big Spring, Kitch-iti-kipi, and I celebrated my birthday with a run along Lake Michigan followed by suitable quantities of UP beer and pasties. 

Since then, another big event was the Woodstock Hallucination 100 miler.  (Race report to follow.)

Unforeseen Contingencies, back in action!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sarah Idan on Ilhan Omar

Sarah Idan, Miss Iraq 2017, dared to be photographed with Miss Israel at the Miss Universe pageant.  Worse yet, they were obviously friendly with each other.  For this, she's faced death threats, she and her family driven out of Iraq, and has been stripped of her citizenship.

She also visited Israel, and said she felt better treated there than in Iraq.

Now she has criticized Islamist Rep. Ilhan Omar (D. MN) as "not representing me as a Muslim."  (Omar and Rashida Talib refer an awful lot to "their people," which tends to mean Somalis, Palestinians, and Muslims.)  Omar responded in her usual not-too-bright-but-plenty-spiteful way, sarking that Idan doesn't live in her district.  Ms. Idan's response says a great deal.  From the Jerusalem Post:

"Seriously @IlhanMN this is your intellectual come back?" Idan retorted on Twitter. "I said as a MUSLIM! I don't stand for your anti-American, antisemitic, Muslim Brotherhood agenda, using this democracy to further YOUR & YOUR FRIENDS Islamic socialism goals of dividing & weakening our country."

"When you @IlhanMN come to my State, My City, My zip code right here in CA & accept an award from CAIR, a Muslim brotherhood affiliated organization IT IS my business!" Idan continued. "First was the Middle East, then Europe & now the USA. I fled from the same ideology you’re trying to export here." 

Ms. Idan says an awful lot about Rep. Omar.
That sums Omar up nicely.  Thank you, Ms. Idan, for fighting this evil.  Keep it up!

Photo: Miss Israel Adar Gandelsman and Miss Iraq Sarah Idan take a selfie.  Islamists threaten to kill Idan and her family for this.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Unforeseen Contingencies makes the Big Time!

Television!  With thanks to Cody Boyer and KBZK.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

To the Moon and Beyond

Fifty years ago today two American astronauts set foot on the Moon, the first time humans had traveled to a celestial body.  This was, and is, an astonishing achievement, a great accomplishment.  We humans go where we wish, we shape our environment, we define our limits.  We imagine, we dream... and then we learn, plan, and make the dreams we imagine come true.  This is not an unbounded power, we do have limits, but we don't take them as given and we can work to expand them.

Our future really does lie in space.  We are a restless, moving, expanding species, and our home is where we make it.  We are now taking steps to make space our home, fifty years after the success of Apollo 11.  Future generations will look back on this decade as the time in which humans truly became space faring and began our extra-terrestrial economy, making space our home.  Fifty years late, perhaps, but it is time.

Heartland's Edward Hudgins has an excellent piece in today's Washington Examiner that summarizes the meaning of the landing.  We don't need more government control, we don't need to reduce our expectations, we don't need to live in poverty and fear of Malthusian limits. We need freedom, vision, and the stars.

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