Saturday, May 18, 2019

Annual "Spring" Migration

Now settled in Montana.  Drove through 100 miles of snowstorm today.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Breaking: Unforeseen Contingencies announces its official song!

It's one of our favorites, and there's no better time than now to pick this as our official song.  There are many other fine candidates, but Kate Smith's beautiful and inspiring rendition of Irving Berlin's "God Bless America" sums up our position.  Regardless of where in the world you live, if you believe in freedom, you should celebrate America.

Yes, there are those who oppose freedom, and want to see the United States destroyed (a.k.a. "fundamentally changed"), long to see Israel wiped off the face of Earth, struggle to reverse Western civilization and the Enlightenment, and hate humanity.  But we don't care about them.  This song is an anthem for those who love liberty and love what is good.  Enjoy!

Monday, May 06, 2019

The Democrat Party and Unforeseen Contingencies

Unforeseen contingencies are states of affairs or events that one never imagined, possibilities or realizations that catch one totally off guard.  There's an element of surprise about them.

A current example is the current state of the Democrat Party and its basket (case) of presidential candidates and other leaders.  I've never been a supporter of the Democrats, but as recently as thirteen years ago I thought them a viable alternative to conservative Republicans.  I certainly didn't foresee the asylum of evil and insanity the Democrat party was becoming.  Consider some of their current positions:

1. Socialism is a viable economic and political system that we should consider adopting.
2. America is a genocidal and colonial country.
3. Israel is a genocidal and colonial country.
4. It's reasonable to give billions of dollars to the Iranian regime even when we know it will be used to finance terrorism around the world.
5. Traditional Christian and Jewish beliefs are bigotry and adherents must be punished by the state.
6. There are more genders and sexes than we can count, and it's bigotry to disagree.  Such bigotry may well be a criminal offense.
7. Privately owned firearms should be confiscated, and military force, up to and including nuclear weapons, should be used against those who disagree.
8. Fossil fuels, automobiles, and airplanes must be abolished as quickly as possible.
9. White people are inherently evil.
10. Terrorists, foreigners,  children, and criminals should vote.  (Now that one makes sense, given the rest.)
11. The fact that a hostile Special Prosecutor could not find anything with which to charge President Trump proves Trump is guilty.
12. Post-birth "abortion" should be legal.

All of this is evil and insane.  It's hard to fathom how crazy the Dems have become.  The party can't bring itself to condemn the hatred of Jews spewed by Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib, or the love of communism professed by Comrades Ocasio Cortez and Sanders.  They are more aligned with Maduro's Marxist-Leninist-Chavista regime than with the U.S. Constitution.  They've adopted every crazy idea of the most radical of the left.  And it's quite a bad thing, for several reasons.

First, there's the obvious matter that these lunatics must never obtain power.  Pol Pot-ism is waiting in the wings.  Utopians cannot tolerate Deplorables.

Second, a one-party system is a bad idea.  The Dems are removing themselves as reasonable challengers to the Republican Party.  Even though I've always disagreed with the Democrats, I supposed they were an important counterweight to the Republicans.  That's no longer true.  The Dems' positions are so dangerous and destructive that I hope to see their party entirely eliminated.  But then what party would check the GOP?  One-party rule is a terrible idea.  But the Dems have become an existential threat to America.

Third, the Republican Party is not good.  The GOP isn't an existential threat to the country, but there's nothing great about it, either.  The Republican establishment is devoid of any real principle, it's hard to imagine them pledging their "Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor" to a declaration of individual liberty.  They seem hapless.  They seem disconcerted that Trump hands them victories they never imagined they'd obtain.  They might well be happier losing.  Maybe they will.

Because of our perpetual optimism, "we" at Unforeseen Contingencies predict doom ahead (in 2020) for the Democrats.  Given what we know, we suspect Trump will win re-election.  The more important point, though, is that the American political spectrum is a mess.  It is made up of utterly incompatible worldviews, some of which (those on the left) are also incompatible with advanced civilization.  Winning elections isn't enough to resolve the conflict of visions.  Something more fundamental must occur.  We hope it will be an intellectual revolution, and not a civil war.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Just say no, part 2: Never Again

Today, May 2, is Holocaust Remembrance Day.  We at Unforeseen Contingencies haven't formally commemorated it in the past, but we've never forgotten.  But what can we learn from this?

On Saturday, April 27, the last day of Passover, a vile sociopath attacked a synagogue in Poway, near San Diego, attempting to murder the rabbi and as many Jews as he could.  Apparently he expected passivity and an easy target.  He failed.  A member of the congregation, Lori Kaye, made sure that "Never Again" is real.  She interposed herself between the murderer and the rabbi, saving him at the cost of her own life.  Another congregant, Oscar Stewart, chased the criminal from the temple to where he was captured, trying to escape.

These are the best people among us.  Let's learn by their examples.

Don't be passive.  Never again.

Photo: Lori Kaye.

Just say no, part 1: Evil and Insanity as SOP

SOP is Standard Operating Procedure. For the American Left, SOP is a bizarre combination of evil and insanity.  And this has taken over the Democrat Party.  As "we" at Unforeseen Contingencies suggested, Mueller's witch hunt found nothing, because the claim that Trump was working with Russia was a hoax,and in fact President Trump and his administration are the most hostile to Russia of any since Reagan (who was, of course, hostile to the Soviet government, rather than the Russian one.)

Democrats are beside themselves that they have no evidence of "collusion" (I'm still unsure what that is, but apparently it doesn't include telling Medvedev to tell Putin we'll be cooperative once the election is over and voters duped, and it doesn't include canceling anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe or refusing to arm Ukraine against Russian invasion, or signing off on sale of uranium deposits to Russia, and most certainly not "Overcharging" them.)  Now they want to impeach Attorney General Barr because Mueller is miffed that Barr's summary of Mueller's report on his inquistion  investigation -- in which Mueller failed to find any wrongdoing at all -- was insufficiently hostile to President Trump.

If the Dems were genuinely interested in enemy infiltration, they'd be investigating Islamist Ilhan Omar, the Somali jihadist who claims America is an evil country, founded on the twin principles of genocide and colonialism.  Or Rashida Tlaib, the despicable representative from Michigan who longs for a "Final Solution" for Israel.  The "cute" photo of her standing next to a map where all of Israel is replaced by Palestine, plus her unrepeatably foul deprecations against our president are sufficient to expose her as evil and insane.  (Hey Omar, want the skinny on someone with dual loyalities and genocidal tendencies?  Investigate Tlaib.)  Or consider comrade Bernie Sanders, who made pilgramage to the USSR, communist Cuba, and communist Nicaragua.  Or comrade Ocasio Cortez, who wants to destroy the free market system and replace it with socialism.

I don't think, BTW, the colonialism is bad... it simply means founding a new community.  But to the left, that's equivalent to genocide, i.e. murdering people en masse on the basis of race.  Genocide is, of course, a terrible evil, so it's bizarre that they claim to oppose it but simultaneously endorse genocide when they condemn whiteness and Jewishness.  But then, they are both evil and insane.

There are many more idiots on the left -- Joe Biden, Peter Buttgag, Pocahontas Warren, Nancy Pelosi,  Kamala "whoreizontal" Harris, and the rest -- and they are obviously both evil and insane.  They oppose liberty.  That's evil.  They claim to hate racism and also condemn white people for being white and Jewish people for being Jewish.  That's insane.  They support socialism.  That's evil and insane.  They claim to believe that sex and gender are totally fluid and amorphous and yet there exist such a thing as males and that they (esp. white ones) are inherent rapists regardless of their actions -- and that anyone who points out these are inconsistent, incoherent lunacies is an oppressor committing violence.  The left is bonkers.

While the left has the MSM and deep state wrapped up, I suspect that they'll lose in 2020 and will slowly lose power.  But their deep infiltration into K-12 education and academia means they aren't going away, and will try to return with a vengeance.  We should not allow this.

I'll continue in part 2.

Photo: human victims of Khmer Rouge.  Actualization of the left's utopia.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Our enemy in Congress

Ilhan Omar is an enemy of America, of liberty, and of Western civilization.  This is easily shown.  Her recent slander of Jews and of AIPAC was excused by the majority of Democrats in the House.  Nancy Pelosi idiotically claimed that Omar "has a different experience in the use of words, doesn’t understand that some of them are fraught with meaning that she didn’t realize."

Yes, it turns out Omar has a very different experience, it seems.

That's quite a "different experience in the use of words."  Here's another.  She recently characterized America as founded on genocide and colonialism

Ilhan Omar is clearly an enemy of America, of liberty, and of Western civilization.  That she's a member of the Democrat majority in the House, and apparently in good standing with them, says much about the current Democrat party.  Perhaps the title for this post ought to be "Our enemies in Congress."

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Scott Adams on obstruction

“If you find yourself blaming President Trump for almost-sort-of-maybe intending to obstruct a witch hunt you have a mental health crisis not a political opinion.”

Read more:

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Green New Deal: Blueprint for Destruction

Back on Valentine's Day of this year, I had a piece in Washington Examiner on the Green New Deal.  Owing to space constraints, half of it was cut.  Some matters worth noting were dropped but the essential pojnts remain.  The GND, if implemented, would impose socialism, eliminate our freedom, and destroy the American economy.  It's a terrible idea.  And, should the Democrats retain the House and take the Presidency in 2020, they will try to shove some version of it down our throats.  It's imperative we not allow this to happen.  Here's why:

Dreaming the impossible dream: What the 'Green New Deal' and the end of fossil fuels would mean

A number of Democrats are proposing a " Green New Deal" to address climate change, and, if Democrats take the Senate and the White House in 2020, we almost certainly will see a version of it passed and implemented.

Although the "Green New Deal" has a number of secondary components, such as jobs programs, its primary aim is to end all use of fossil fuels in the United States in 10 years. Here’s what that means:


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Elimination of fossil fuels would have drastic effects on transportation. Nearly all cars and trucks now on the road will be outlawed or unusable. Electric cars will still be usable, if they are charged by electricity from non-fossil sources.

This would eliminate air transportation as well. There is research into “drop-in” alternative fuels that could be substituted into current existing aircraft, but currently there’s no alternative to aviation fuel.

Space travel will likewise be reduced or eliminated. This means ending the maintenance and upgrading of the GPS systems, satellite communications, television, broadband, remote sensing systems, and weather monitoring systems that power our modern world.

Water transport, across oceans and the Great Lakes, and on rivers and canals, will be greatly curtailed. Nuclear-powered naval vessels and sailing ships will operate, but for most vessels, there are no good alternatives to diesel, fuel oil, and nautical fossil fuels.

In short, movement of goods will become difficult and expensive. Travel for business and pleasure will be rare. Communities will become more isolated.


The "Green New Deal" would also have a major impact on our energy sources. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, fossil fuels generate more than 62 percent of our electricity, 30 percent by coal, and 32 percent by natural gas. The remaining third is powered by wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, and geothermal sources, with a small fraction from oil. This means, in essence, that the "Green New Deal" will eliminate nearly two-thirds of America’s energy sources over 10 years.

Greatly expanding hydro, nuclear, and geothermal power within 10 years is virtually impossible. That means we would have to install, in 10 years, wind and solar infrastructure capable of generating more than nine times as much energy as that installed in the previous 10 years, all while simultaneously dismantling the fossil fuel system that provides the energy needed to build new wind and solar infrastructure. Not possible.

Even worse, conversion to 100 percent wind and solar also requires technology that does not currently exist. Wind and solar energy are intermittent, and there is no technology to store this energy. Wind and solar cannot possibly replace current fossil fuel electricity sources in 10 years.

Under the "Green New Deal," we will have less electricity than we do now, and it will be unreliable and more expensive. The use of electric cars will be next to impossible; we will not have energy to build them, much less to power them.


Most agriculture is highly mechanized and energy intensive, using diesel- and gasoline-powered equipment, and there are no non-fossil alternatives on the horizon for powering farm equipment. Similarly, there are no reasonable alternatives for the natural gas that is the primary feedstock for making commercial fertilizers and pesticide production. Eliminating agricultural chemicals will unquestionably reduce crop yields.

Some advocates tout biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels, even though they often have the same or greater carbon footprint as fossil fuels. They might have a place in the "Green New Deal," but it will not be possible to greatly expand their production while eliminating fossil fuels from farming.

Climate Benefits

The unpleasant reality is that even these massive changes will do little to avert global warming, even if they are implemented in the U.S. and Western Europe. Average warming would be reduced by less than 0.5 degrees Celsius, even using optimistic forecasts, according to a version of the MAGICC climate modeling tool developed by the EPA and others. Most growth in greenhouse gas emissions is expected to come from China, India, and the rest of the developing world, not the U.S.

The "Green New Deal" is not the grand undertaking, like the Apollo, that its proponents claim. Realistically, it will move us backwards. It will kill people. It takes reliable power, and lots of it, to do a coronary bypass, or to run a neonatal unit for premature infants; to protect people from heat and cold, and to light the streets at night.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t be concerned with global warming. But the "Green New Deal" is costly, ineffective, and extremely dangerous, and could well be passed in a few years. We must approach this proposal without illusions and think carefully before we take this next step.

Charles N. Steele is the Herman and Suzanne Dettwiler Chair in Economics at [DiLorenzo Rule Redaction].
Photo: cheap, clean energy -- natural gas.

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