Tuesday, May 09, 2017

James Comey: Good riddance, to a coward and traitor

Finally Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are doing something about the terrible corruption that permeated the Obama administration.  It's not much, but it's a start.  James Comey participated in the coverup of Hilliary Clinton's criminal behavior.  A few egregious examples:

1. In his 5th of July statement on the investigation of Hilliary Clinton he laid out a very strong case against her.  He then refused to prosecute, inventing a standard that does not exist in the relevant law (intent, when the Espionage Act requires only gross negligence), ignoring the obvious evidence of intent, and then concluding that "no reasonable prosecutor" would prosecute.  I cannot imagine an average citizen having such evidence against them in a felony investigation and being let go without prosecution.  Comey violated his oath of office, in an unusually serious case, and should have been impeached or otherwise removed from office at that point.  I suppose he did this out of fear, not inherent corruption, but a man who takes the oath and the position Comey took ought to be prepared to die doing what is right.  He's a coward and a traitor.

2. During his recent testimony to Congress Comey was asked about a report in NYT that the FBI had an email obtained from alleged Russian hacks of the DNC which discussed a promise from Loretta Lynch that she'd stop the investigation of Hilliary Clinton.  Asked when he learned about this email, and who sent it to whom, he refused to answer, saying he could not answer in an open hearing because the answer would be classified material.  That is, he was aware of AG Lynch's statement.  

So, law enforcement officers decide how to apply the law in order to protect and promote one political candidate?

Comey ought to be prosecuted for violating his oath of office.  There are more important targets -- Hilliary Clinton and Barack Obama foremost, but also Loretta Lynch... and Susan Rice... and Lois Lerner... and Eric Holder... and plenty more.

The Democrats are now trying to stage a coup against Trump.  Trump and the Republicans had better ger serious and start going after these criminals, because if the Dems get away with what they've been doing and then return to power, they won't hesitate to ruthlessly destroy their opponents.

So good riddance to Comey.  And now, start doing serious application of the law.  Prosecute Clinton/Obama criminality.

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