Friday, September 21, 2018

Approve Justice Kavanaugh Now!

The Republican Senate must vote on, and approve, Justice Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court now!  Quit wasting time.  The Democrats and their lackeys in the MSM have abandoned all pretense at following the Constitution and rule of law.  They now claim any libelous statement they produce is sufficient to abandon the rule of law.

The smear on Kavanaugh is a political strategy.  Prior to Kavanaugh’s selection as nominee, posted an open letter to whomever would be the nominee, telling them that exactly this sort of thing would happen and that it would be one of the greatest trials of his/her life.

When Kavanaugh was announced, “Women’s March” put out their pre-written generic press release spewing outrage over the selection, forgetting to fill in the blanks with the name of the nominee.

The Ford accusations were brought in underhandedly and in backdoor fashion precisely because they are libel. Of course this fraud doesn't want to testify.  By all evidence she's a liar. The Democrat party had similar contingency plans for any Trump nominee; this was just filling-in-the-blank.

Of course I cannot prove that, but one has only to pay attention to what these evil people are doing.  There's nothing honest in this.  I’m astonished by the naïveté of non-leftists who treat seriously the Democrats’ disinformation campaign. These are people who, standing in front of a leftist firing squad, will natter on about left’s “good intentions.”

The Republicans must confirm Kavanaugh.  This is far more serious than merely filling a Supreme Court vacancy (which is extremely serious).  If the Democrats get away with this they will use such tactics again and again and again.  The rule of law will be over, and what follows will be horrific.

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