Sunday, July 01, 2018

Hopeful News: #WalkAway (part 2)

I know a number of people on the political left -- friends and acquaintances -- who are decent people.  I've wondered how they'd respond to the growing irrationality, nastiness, and flirtation with violence that increasingly characterizes leftist leadership (including the Democrat party) and the more vocal activists.  Well, here's good news -- the #WalkAway movement seems to be growing.

Imagine what it must be like to be a decent person who leans left because one thinks a bigger safety net program for the poor and unemployed is a good idea, who is concerned with pollution and thinks some regulation is needed to protect us from disasters, believes in protecting rights of women and racial minorities, and thinks a fairly robust government can be a useful counterweight to opportunistic behavior in the private sector, and also believes in free speech for everyone, civil behavior by all, and treating everyone decently... and suddenly is told that since they are of the left they've signed on to a campaign of perpetual rage, closet Marxism, screaming "racist" and "Nazi" at everyone who dissents, vile incivility and open threats of violence... what is such a person to do?

Walk away from all that insanity -- that's what any decent left-liberal would do. The gent in the video I just posted seems a very decent and reasonable man.  I suspect I disagree with him on many political issues, but I can easily imagine having a useful discussion with him.  I hope there are many, many more among the left who are like him and that the #WalkAway movement grows.  The enraged closet Marxists, terminal TDS victims, and politicians who prostitute themselves catering them -- they need to be marginalized, their hateful and destructive voices should not be dominating our political discussions.

Some of the tweets from "Walkers" about why they walked are really interesting and illustrate the tendency of the radical left to purges.  I've read samples on various sites -- this one from twitchy is representative.  And here's another good one from Legal Insurrection.

Let's hope many, many more walk away from the radical left.  That sure beats having a civil war.

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