Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Fourth of July and more good news for Liberty!

Federal judge Gloria Navarro to federal persecutors  prosecutors to go take a hike.  They were asking for a retrial of Cliven Bundy.  She found their behavior "prejudicial" and "in violation of a universal sense of justice."  They had evidence that showed Bundy was not guilty and tried to hide it.  Daily Caller's Tim Pearce has the story.

I particularly enjoyed reading this because Tim Pearce is one of my former students at [redacted].  He took several courses with me, and I served as the advisor on his senior thesis, an excellent analysis of the negative consequences of federal ESA "protection" of sage grouse in New Mexico, "protection" that turns out to be harmful for sage grouse, ranchers, and liberty... although it does  at least promote the sinecures and power of federal bureaucrats.

Great work, Tim, and thank you, Judge Navarro, for upholding the rule of law!

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