Saturday, June 23, 2018

"Conservatives" for socialism: an assortment of kooks

There's a resurgence of interest in communism and related ideas.  It's vital we recognize this.  Never mind the promotion of communism by New York Times, Teen Vogue, and other MSM outlets, or the adulation of Venezuela's Chavez-Maduro dictatorship by Hollywood denizens.  The Democrat Party is now the party of socialism.  They now propose nationalized medicine, "free" nationalized college, massive expansion of transfers and entitlements, much higher taxes, draconian financial and economic regulation, firearm confiscation and citizen disarmament, mandatory "green" energy and an end to fossil fuels, an end to freedom of speech and religious liberty... there's no sphere where they don't want to dictate.  These are catastrophically bad policies that would end liberty, they must be blocked at every step, and of course their proponents must not gain power to impose them.

So... what are we to make of George Will, Jeff Flake, Bill Kristol, and John McCain, all of whom hate Trump so badly that they want Democrats to win?  Here's what to make of them: for practical purposes, they are socialists, fellow travelers, "useful idiots," whose minds have been so unsettled by Trump Derangement Syndrome they will accept socialism, if that's the price of getting at a president they see as lacking in the decorum Barack Obama supposedly had.

George Will wants Democrats to take over Congress.*

Jeff Flake is considering joining Democrats to block Trump judicial nominees, because he's mad about tariffs.  Flake obviously doesn't give a damn about our liberty, he thinks it's worth sacrificing if he can harass Trump.

Poor insane Bill Kristol has gone so far off the deep end he wants to replace the American people.

But I've saved the best for last.  John McCain, the "Republican" senator who worked so hard to bring the "Steele dossier to light, also seems to have been prompting Lois Lerner to get the IRS to destroy citizen groups (Tea Party groups) that were trying to participate in the political system.  McCain has been evil in so many ways -- his defense of the criminal Charles Keating, his unConstitutional McCain-Feingold Act designed to silence free speech, his crazed and embarrassing theatrics in promoting TARP... he's not new to this game of siding with socialists -- he's been at it a while.  Still, this takes the cake.

It's doubtful that any of these people care much about liberty; they certainly don't care about OUR liberty.  They are driven by all sorts of other things -- perhaps Trump Derangement Syndrome, or desire to preserve a status quo that is long gone, or a desire for patrician power (an awful lot of this last, I think) -- but whatever it is, they are enemies of the freedom of the American people.

Who cares, why pay attention to this?  It's simple.  The left, including especially the MSM, is becoming increasingly hysterical and rabid.  Overt nastiness and vicious behavior are increasingly commonplace.  There's talk about driving non-leftists from society, and preliminary attempts to do this.  It's hard to see how the left is going to calm down and learn to live with people who disagree with them, at least not in the near future.  Should the left get power, say the Dems take Congress in the upcoming election, I expect them to go crazy trying to punish their opponents.  And should they lose -- which I think is much more likely -- they'll accelerate their cold civil war.  Either way, it will be important to be on guard against traitors like McCain, Kristol, Flake, Will, and others, who will posture as "reasonable" alternatives to the radical left, while being quite happy to facilitate leftist victory.

There are numerous "libertarians" who fall into this fellow-traveler camp as well. It's not that hard to spot them.  The biggest issue in America today is whether we preserve and resurrect our Constitutional order of liberty and rule of law, or succumb to the left's attempts to permanently replace all that.  "Conservatives" and "libertarians" unwilling to fight the left and more interested in destroying the current presidential administration are on the enemy's side.  Watch out for them.


*Footnote: Will might be the craziest of any of these coots.  He now thinks progressive William Weld, a pseudo-libertarian who favors gun control, dislikes what he terms "so-called private property rights," and endorsed Hilliary for president while running as VP candidate on the LP ticket, may well be the man who can save conservatism.  "Yes, George, now calm down and go take your medicine."

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