Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day began as a commemoration of America's Civil War dead, and now is a commemoration of all who died in military service, and  -- in practice -- everyone we've lost.  There are many stories about the sacrifices people have made for the defense of liberty.  Here's one from Townhall that's worth reading.  It highlights that everyone, not just military personnel, has a role in protecting freedom, if we'll take it.

For the past four years Julie and I have run the Memorial Day 5K in Great Falls, MT, put on by Scheels Sports as a fundraiser for veterans groups, and this year was no exception.  I ran fairly well, was among the top 1/3 of finishers and first in my age group.  Also I obtained proof that I am actually a dog, something I've believed for years.  In addition, we spent time with my mother, visited the Montana Veterans Memorial to see my late father's plaque (he didn't die in war; simply being a veteran is enough to be in the monument).  We also did a seven mile trail run along the Missouri on Sunday, and walked around Giant Springs, an enormous freshwater spring along the Missouri.  It was a lovely weekend in my old home town.  Photos follow.

Julie and... Montana Air National Guard Airman?

Julie passing sign with Montanans who died serving in Afghanistan and Iraq

Look at my shadow. Woof!

My father was a Navy pilot in the Second World War

Crooked Falls -- one of the great falls of the Missouri

Black Eagle Dam and Falls -- nearly at flood stage

Roe River, the world's shortest at 201 feet (61 m.)

Giant Springs, headwaters of the Roe, looking downstream to its mouth on the Missouri

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