Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cancelling the Iran Nuclear Deal

Further thoughts on Mr. Trump's cancellation of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a.k.a. Iranian nuclear deal):

First, this is a very hopeful sign.  The Iranian "deal" protected Iran's ambitions for nuclear weapons, as I've previously pointed out, effectively guaranteeing a nuclear arms race in the middle east and eventual nuclear catastrophe. The Saudis, who are in the midst of an unprecedented pro-Western liberalization, are overjoyed.  They were prepared to develop their own nuclear weapons, should Iran proceed.That alone is sufficient reason for the cancellation.

Second, Iran had already announced that regardless of Trump's decision, they were considering abandoning the JCPOA.  Benjamin Netanyahu's recent presentation on the Mossad haul of Iranian nuclear documents proved that the Iranians had plans for a MIRVed nuclear missile.  That also was sufficient reason to cancel.  Never appease a rogue regime.  Doing so only encourages even worse behavior.

Third, some have warned that this will lead to war.  Good grief! Iran already has attacked the United States, and is engaged in wars in Morocco, Syria, Iran, and Yemen, and is a major sponsor and weapons provider for the terrorist Hezbollah and Hamas."Will lead to war?"  Iran is already fighting multi-front wars, none of which are defensive.  Iran is an international aggressor, working to expand its sphere of control.  The JCPOA improved Iran's economic position and is helping it finance its wars and efforts to destabilize neighbors.

Fourth, today NPR's All Things Considered had a knuckle-headed report attributing the Iranian missile attack on Israel and fearsome Israeli response to Trump's decision.  That's ridiculous.  February, March, and April saw multiple Israeli strikes against Iranian targets in Syria and attempted Iranian attacks on Israel.  (It turns our the Israelis are better at actually hitting their targets than the Iranians.)  After the 29 April strike that killed perhaps 18 Iranian soldiers, the Iranians claimed they'd respond heavily.  They tried, and hence the Israeli retaliation.  The Israel-Iran war was underway well before Trump's announcement.

In my previous post I advocated various military options.  I do not have classified intelligence reports, advice from military experts, and the like, so I'm not necessarily wedded to the specifics I suggested.  But the Islamic Republic of Iran is militant, expansionist, and totalitarian.  It needs to be eliminated and replaced with a free Persia.  This is long overdue.  The world can't wait.  Cancelling the JCPOA was a great move.

As John Pepple puts it, "Thank you, Mr. President!"

Addendum: I neglected to mention that the Iranian regime never signed onto JCPOA; rather, the Iranian parliament voted for its own version, containing things they'd added.  Hence the only "signatories" that matter, the United States and Iran, weren't really signatories.  The U.N Security Council and the E.U. both ratified it, so I guess it's binding on them.  It may as well be binding on the moons of Saturn, for all that matters.

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