Friday, December 15, 2017

What shall we do with returning ISIS jihadis?

Umm... kill them, maybe?

E.U. authorities are expecting 10,000 Daesh recruits to return to Europe, and are uncertain about what to do.  United KingdomSwedish, and Danish authorities are proposing putting returning Daesh fighters to the front of the line for subsidized housing, education, etc.  Canadians are are also talking about how to re-integrate them back into society.,

The Canadian government also notes it would be difficult to prosecute them.  Of course. That's why declaring them enemy combatants, rather than criminals, is important.  It would also be accurate.  German intelligence already said (last year) they have identified 500 Daesh who've entered Germany, and also believe there's a command structure. That's an enemy battalion. (But they don't know where they are - they came in as refugees, and vanished.)  Criminal prosecutions aren't necessary.  A military tribunal should only have to establish that the accused are indeed Daesh (or Al Qaeda or similar enemies).  Once one is identified as an enemy, that's enough.

In WWII, any country that had an enemy battalion slip in would have hunted them down and killed them. And under laws of warfare, including Geneva Convention, summary execution would have been legal since they aren't in uniform.

These returned Daesh are people who volunteered for an organization that recruited by showing videos of beheadings of Christian prisoners, that gave Yazidi women and girls as prizes and sold them in slave markets (after executing their men before their eyes), etc.  Volunteering often involved great personal expense (although, admittedly, European governments often subsidized them, making it more of a taxpayer expense.  (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, and Belgium subsidized Daesh terrorists via the "social safety net.")

Reintegrate Daesh? Guaranteed terrorism ahead.

The story "10,000 are going to return and no one is sure what to do" defines insanity. Don't let them return; killing them, where they are now, is called for, if possible.  And if they make it back, military tribunals and life imprisonment or execution for anyone who was in ISIS.  That won't happen in Europe, of course. Maybe we Americans will prove more sensible.

I can imagine how today's politically correct progressives would have fought W.W.II: storming Normandy Beach, Tarawa, Kursk, Bagration, etc., racing up to enemy soldiers and reading Miranda rights, or offering counseling and welfare benefits.  Or just surrendering.

"10,000 jihadis are coming back, what should we do?"  This is a problem where there's only a military solution.

Photo: Daesh "fighters."  I nominate Angela Merkel, Pierre Trudeau, Stefan Löfven, and Theresa May to rehabilitate and reintegrate  these guys, if they think this such a good idea.

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