Thursday, December 07, 2017

Quick Notes

1. President Trump's reduction of the scale of monument designations is a good thing.  Monument designation doesn't protect natural land that was otherwise being destroyed, it simply blocks most uses of it, and is an Presidential power of doubtful Constitutional authority, at least when it's used to effectively control use of adjacent lands and promote ulterior personal and political agendas.

2. Recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel is a great idea, and long overdue.  The U.S. Congress already passed a law in 1995 calling for this, with numbers sufficent to override a veto.  No President implemented it until now, claiming an executive prerogative over foreign policy.  Trump is both exercising that prerogative and implementing the law.  Jerusalem was founded by the Hebrews 1600 years before Islam even existed.  It already is the seat of government for Israel.  Maps drawn by Palestinian Authority maps typically omit Tel Aviv, the alternative to Jerusalem, so what do these fools expect?  And Muslim Arabs frequently omit Israel itself, as do other idiots.  BBC ran a headline claiming that "The World condemns Trump" over this, which is nonsense.  Yes, a number of world leaders who are anti-American and anti-Israeli may be upset, but they aren't the world, plenty of us are pleased with the President's move.  Yes, many Muslims are mad, but this is because they're going to have to resign themselves to the fact that Israel is a permanent Middle East fixture, and the U.S. is no longer intimidated by their whining.  Exterminationist fantasies die hard, but die out they will.

3. In response to the Jerusalem announcement, Muslims in Gaza tried to kill Israeli civilians by firing rockets into Israel.  They failed.  Wow!  An illogical, stupid, evil, and failed response...that sums up so much of official Palestinian policy towards Israel.

4. Al Franken is resigning.  Good riddance to that malevolent, moralizing, socialist degenerate.  Today Dennis Prager doubted the wisdom of Minnesotans in electing Franken, but it should be noted that Franken's first margin of victory was a few hundred votes, fewer than the number of illegal immigrants who likely voted.  (And they are overwhelmingly Republican, right?  Heehee!)  (They aren't even Minnesotans!)

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