Friday, December 01, 2017

New Year's Resolution...Completed!

Last december I posted four resolutions for 2017.  It's safe to say I will complete none of them this year.  I owe this, first of all, to the falling-apart of my hip and August surgery, which precluded three of the four goals. The fourth, completing my pipeline economics project, well, I failed that from a combination of unexpected work duties and plain laziness.

BUT there was another resolution I made, one which I did not share.  And today, I successfully completed it.  It was tough, a real challenge, a test of my strength and character.  There was much to overcome, but through dedication and perseverance I succeeded in achieving my goal.

As of today, December 1, I have eaten caviar in every month of 2017.  Photos leading up to the triumphal moment follow. (The actual consumption is too graphic for public display.)

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