Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 2018!

Happy New Year!  2018 has already begun some places on Earth.  In Yakutsk, it's a quarter to eight in the morning on January 1st and a balmy minus 27F (minus 32C).  (It's Siberia, that's balmy).  But here in Montana, we're squeezing in the last of the year's activities.  Chaos and I ran this morning and XC skied early this afternoon, racking up a few last miles for the year, and now I'm having a double espresso, my last caffeine of the year.

It's been a remarkably good year, I think, for me but also for the world.  No particular commentary needed here,  just note that 2017 was actually a year of strong economic growth -- that is, of people building and creating and serving each other and bettering themselves -- for most of the world.  That's the big picture.  May 2018 be the same, for us, for our readers (if any) and everyone.

Happy New Year!

Photo: Chaos "dashing through the snow" on last ski trip of the year.

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