Friday, December 08, 2017

Additional thoughts on Jerusalem

Concerning Trump's announcement that the U.S. Embassy to Israel will be relocated to Jerusalem, a friend of mine writes me that "Time will tell whether this was a wise move, or not."

Indeed.  I think this will prove to have been a wise move.  In addition to what I've said in my previous post, there are two additional points I think important.  1) The Palestinians must recognize that intransigence does not pay off.  They must accept that Israel is permanent.  They must give up fictions like "occupation" and "return to pre-67 borders," and flights of fancy such as "right of return."  2) It's great that the United States is now taking a strong position with respect to the Palestinian Authority, instead of a weak, politically correct position.  Trump is badgering the PA -- threatening their office in NYC, threatening their American funding, and now accepting Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  Every time a proposed Middle East peace deal has collapsed, it was the PA who sabotaged it.  President Trump's pressure on the Palestinians is welcome.  Playing hardball with these hoodlums -- long overdue.  That's the only way progress can result.

Later this year, "we" at Unforeseen Contingencies will again make predictions for the coming year.  Our prediction for Israel and the Palestinians will among them.

Photo: U.S. and Israeli flags projected on walls of Jerusalem, city founded by the Hebrews.

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