Monday, May 01, 2017

May 1st: International Victims of Socialism Day

May Day: International Victims of Communism Day, as law professor Ilya Somin calls it.  I prefer the more accurate term "Victims of Socialism" Day, since the socialist systems Marx claimed would advance the world to the next stage of history, communism, proved entirely unable to advance to anything other than generate chaos and destruction.

And there's no need to let socialists like the Fabians or Comrade Sanders or Comrade Maduro off the hook when they pretend not to be communist.  Nor should we forget that Hitler's National Socialism was explicitly socialist; the Nazi writers were explicitly hostile to capitalism.  Mussolini began his socialist career as a Marxist; his Fascism simply substitutes the mythical Italian "organic state" for the equally mythical "international proletariat."  Socialism is all about empowering social engineers to remake society according to their own visions, and necessarily becomes tyrannical and brutal.  It must have conformity, and hence always has victims.

So today, 1 May, "we" at Unforeseen Contingencies observe a moment for meditation on the victims of Marxism and other forms of socialism, and renew our vows to fight it to the death -- socialism's death, that is.

Here are a couple of pieces on the subject worth reading.

Helen Raleigh recounts the brutality heaped upon her relatives and others by Mao's "Cultural Revolution."

D.W. MacKenzie explains why socialists' quests for "social justice" necessarily lead to conflict, violence and totalitarianism.

Mass murderer Che Guevera desereves special attention today.  Alvaro Vargas Llosa's piece, "The Killing Machine," gives this sociopath the scrutiny he deserves.  (As an aside, the CIA's role in the killing of Che is one of the best returns on our tax dollars ever!)

Socialism is slavery, its advocates are ignorant and despicable, and the socialist project deserves only scorn and contempt.  Comrade Bernie, are you listening?

Hammer and Sickle. Death and Hunger.

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