Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump nominates Gorsuch

Note to GOP senators: go nuclear.

 Everything I have read about Neil Gorsuch leads me to believe he's a worthy choice for SCOTUS. The most cautionary piece (I exclude irrational ravings from the left) was by the president of Gun Owners of America Larry Pratt and attorney Walter Olson, and referred to a case that was somewhat ambiguous. There's no evidence in the decision that Gorsuch has doubts about our right to keep and bear arms.

Donald Trump has made good on yet another campaign promise, and picked for Supreme Court Justice a candidate who believes in individual liberty and the rule of law.  Thank heavens!  The Senate should approve him immediately.

The Democrats in the Senate have vowed to block any nominee that's not theirs.  In doing so, they've announced that they are in rebellion against America's system and the Constitution.  It's of the utmost importance that Mitch McConnell and the Republicans crush this rebellion.  If the Democrats block Gorsuch and attempt to filibuster, it's time to invoke the "nuclear option:" end the 60 vote rule and the filibuster.  The Democrats are trying to destroy Donald Trump's presidency, destroy the Constitutional system, and ultimately destroy republican democracy and the peaceful transition of power.  This is life and death, and it is time to (figuratively) destroy the Democrats.

I greatly enjoyed Mr. Trump's address tonight (this continues to be a shock to me; I find myself actually liking Trump and agreeing with him, on principle), and particularly enjoyed his emphasis that Judge Gorsuch was approved unanimously when nominated to the 10th Circuit Court.  (Thanks for that vote of approval, Sen. Schumer!)

It is high time we all admit that America is in the midst of an attempted coup, a Putsch, by the Democrats, the MSM, and the federal bureaucracy.  We in a kind of civil war.  May the Republican senators nuke them!

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