Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Candidates from Hell, Part 2...Hillary Clinton

Anybody but Clinton!

In past presidential elections, I have never voted for a candidate who won.  For that matter, I've never voted for a major party candidate.Frankly, how I vote likely doesn't matter for the outcome of the race.  Most of my votes were in Montana, where even if mine was the deciding vote, the state's one electoral vote was irrelevant.  However, in Montana, my third party votes did help push the party (in most cases, Libertarian) above the threshold where the party gained automatic ballot status in the next election.  I was always proud of those votes.

Today I voted an absentee ballot for president.  I think I am more proud of this vote than any other I've ever cast, because I voted to stop the most potentially destructive and corrupt candidate to run in my lifetime, Hillary Clinton.

There's no sense in wasting a great deal of space detailing that bad aspects of Hillary Clinton; I'll simply summarize. Hillary Clinton:

I could go on, but that's enough.  If Hillary Clinton is our next president, I expect trouble in the United States the likes of which we've not seen. I expect an expansion of the power of the federal bureaucracy, which will include outright war on the entire Bill of Rights.  It might well include literal war on those of us who support liberty.  Also think she'll accelerate the fiscal irresponsibility 

 I also think she'll accelerate her graft and corruption; she'll be a billionaire in short order, if she isn't now.  Vladimir Vladimirovich will have nothing on her.

As Mark Levin has argued, there's no candidate in the race I can really support.  But there's certainly a candidate I can oppose, and it's Clinton -- I would vote for any of the other candidates -- Trump, Johnson, Stein, Castle, Kotlikoff, McMullin, even Solipsist (heh) -- who had a chance to beat her, and do it proudly.  I now vote in Michigan, and rather clearly, the only candidate here with any chance at all of beating her for electoral votes is Trump, so I voted Trump-Pence, the only vote I ever cast for a Republican presidential ticket.  And I am very pleased and satisfied by this vote; I found it far more satisfying than any other vote I ever cast, because I know that in casting this vote I have done what I can to block Clinton's path.  That's my goal, and I had no hesitation or second thoughts about it.

I'm always astounded by people who talk about voting as if it is an exercise in signalling one's personal virtue, instead of an exercise in politics.  I think Trump is an awful candidate -- heck, I'm a "never Trumper" -- but he's clearly far superior to Clinton.


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