Saturday, October 22, 2016

Candidates from Hell -- Interlude #1

I'm about to continue with the "Candidates from Hell" series, but before I do, here's a reminder that we should all keep the current mess in perspective.  This is a note I sent to several friends and colleagues.

The other night we had a talk here at our college by a young woman who is a defector from North Korea.  It was exceptionally good, quite moving.  (She cried a bit during it, and she wasn't the only one.) Well, during the Q&A she was asked her opinion of this election; her response (almost verbatim) was "these are the worst candidates ever. And you should count yourselves so fortunate, because you can acknowledge this freely. In North Korea, you'd get the Party candidate and if you voiced anything other than complete enthusiasm, not only would you be killed, so would your family members." 

All of our candidates stink, but  it is only lack of perspective if we conclude that therefore our situation stinks.

Re-read those last couple of lines from her talk.  Think about what they mean.  Don't forget thm.

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