Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cruz quits. Guess what follows.

Cruz made a terrible mistake in quitting.  We are now left with a choice between a radical leftist, Hillary Clinton, and a leftist fascist, Donald Trump.  I don't see much difference between them.  Neither believes in individual liberty.  Both are corrupt, nasty, and vindictive.  I would expect either one to use government agencies to go after enemies.  This is a very dangerous thing.

Cruz quit on the day when Donald Trump claimed Cruz' father assassinated President Kennedy.  Cruz has just turned the Republican nomination over to a lying maniac.  And what kind of people would, today, support Trump?

Not me.  Trump can go to hell, and I hope he does, soon.  May he take his supporters with him.

What follows?  Trump will swing left, and remain crazy.  Heaven knows what his supporters will do, they seem able to absorb anything.  Clinton's supporters are similarly capable of tolerating anything, since it's quite clear the Clintons traded favors for millions in "speaker fees," and Hillary Clinton repeatedly and knowingly violated federal law and compromised national security.  An enormous amount of dirt on Trump is about to surface, and Trump will no longer be given a pass in the media.  I think it will go very badly for him.  I predict, contrary to my January prediction, that Hillary Clinton will win.  I don't know what to make of predictions that a Trump loss would cause the GOP to lose both houses of Congress.  I certainly hope not, but if so, I imagine that the Democrats will try to quickly lock in Supreme Court nominees, gun control, a national health care system, and draconian energy regulations.  Civil war follows any attempt at gun confiscation, and could well follow crackdowns on religious groups that don't surrender on the homosexual issue.

But these specific predictions are just guesses.  What isn't a guess is that if either of these thugs becomes president there'll be trouble.  I can't imagine how the United States could have smooth sailing ahead.

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