Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mike Vanderboegh

Mike Vanderboegh is dying.

I am sorry to write that.  I have followed his excellent blog Sipsey Street Irregulars, for a long time, and all through that time he's had cancer.  It is finally getting him, it appears.  Mike Vanderboegh is a hero.  He's the founder of the Three Percent movement, the loose grouping of those of us who realize that statists are bent on totalitarianism, and are determined never to acquiesce to this. Perhaps we can stop them politically, but if not, just let them try to enslave an armed population.  The name, Three Percent, comes from the percentage of Americans who actively resisted the greatest  military power of the 18th century, George III's Britain.  This tiny band reshaped world history and ushered in the greatest period of liberty the world has ever known.

Vanderboegh, a libertarian and Christian, laid out some very well thought out doctrines for resisting tyranny, both from a moral and philosophical viewpoint, and from a strategic and practical one.  He also is one of two men who exposed and publicized Obama's "Fast and Furious" scheme to ship weapons to Mexico in order to fabricate an excuse for gun control in the U.S. (The other is David Codrea.)  I follow Vanderboegh's writings and communicated with him a bit.  I have learned a great deal from him.  I also have found him to be one of the greatest sources of inspiration; he's a man who is never intimidated and always courageous.  I love his fighting spirit.  It's contagious.

It appears Mike Vanderboegh is in the last days of his life, as his cancer has spread.  While the purpose of my blog has never been to get anyone to do anything, I will ask that any reader who has cash to spare to donate to him (I've done this myself).  If you pray, say one of thanks for him.  And if nothing else, take a second to remember, with gratitude, people who do difficult and dangerous things on behalf of liberty for all of us...and resolve to live up to the standards they've set.

Note: Here's Vanderboegh's original announcement from January of this year. Vanderboegh's son has taken over managing his blog, so it's still up-and-running and happily will remain on the UC blog list.  And be sure to read his Three Percent Catechism here.

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