Thursday, March 24, 2016

The United States should declare war on Iran

As news goes, it's not getting nearly as much attention as the Brussells attacks or Trump's latest hooliganism, but a grand jury has indicted Iranians working for the Iranian Republic for cyberattacks that include an attack on controlling systems for floodgates on Bowman Dam in New York.

This is not a criminal matter.  If instead Iran had sent bombers or missiles to strike the dam, it would be an obvious act of war.  This cyberattack is no less an act of war.

I know, nothing much will come of this.  Commissar Obama has been too busy in Cuba talking about how Castro's Marxist revolution and the American Revolution are really all about the same thing, and how the Cold War was a mistake on our part, and how much we have to learn from communism.  Most everyone else is focused on Brussells with progressives worrying about incipient Islamophobia and non-progressives wondering why progressives have a death wish.  But here's what ought to happen.

The President of the United States ought immediately to ask Congress for a declaration of war against Iran.  Congress should pass it immediately.  The President should announce the following war aims: Iran surrenders, and in doing so agrees to complete dismantling of its nuclear programs and ballistic missile programs, with instant access to American inspectors on demand, with no waiting or appeal, or else the United States will conquer Iran and eliminate the current government.  This announcement should be accompanied by heavy strikes on Tehran and elsewhere, just so the Iranians understand this is real.

I suspect that either eventuality would lead to the overthrow of the Iranian regime, and Iranians in general would welcome this liberation.  But if it didn't, the United States should see it through regardless.  If that means destroying Iran, so be it.  The idea that rogue regimes should be free to attack the civilized world is a formula for the destruction of civilization.

I know some (many) "libertarians" would be aghast at the idea of going to war with Iran.  But this isn't an intervention abroad -- the United States were attacked by an enemy country.  If one genuinely believes in liberty, one will fight back and put a stop to the attacks.  Iran ought to be crushed, now.

Update: Trump's hooliganism -- his latest smears of Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi show how immoral and unfit for any kind of power he is; he increasingly strikes me as mentally ill.  That possibility ought to come to mind to anyone who reads his bizarre ramblings in his Washington Post interview.  If not insane, he's certainly stupid and ignorant.

Update: Obama's marxism -- his behavior and words in Cuba and Argentina are Marxist; yes he's a communist.  At this late date, why would this be surprising?  I've met many academics (only in the United States!) who are self-described Marxists.  Their political views are essentially identical to his.

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