Thursday, March 17, 2016

Small update

I've made a minor change or two to the Unforeseen Contingencies blog links.  I've deleted three and added one.  Jettisoned: 1) Simon Johnson's Baseline Scenario.  This was very good when Johnson wrote it; Johnson is a topnotch economist and very thoughtful and fair, able to consider quite fairly ideas of people with whom he disagreed.  But the blog was largely taken over by his co-author James Kwak, who has none of these abilities and characteristics.  Kwak is fairly described as a progressive Democrat hack.  To the cybertrash with it.  2) Mario Rizzo et al. Think Markets.  This blog from the Austrians at NYU started out as an excellent and thoughtful blog.  Rizzo seemed to post less and less, and some lesser figures began posting, and the quality declined.  Posts are now infrequent and of no interest. To the cybertrash with it. 3) Cafe Hayek from Don Boudreaux at George Mason U. Boudreaux is a good economist, but like so many libertarians he is utterly oblivious to political events.  Save for his acceptance of the lunatic idea that entirely unrestricted immigration is a good idea, his blog is fine for people who are studying Econ 101.  But this is Unforeseen Contingencies, we're well advanced beyond that, so to the cybertrash with it.

Added: Pam Geller's blog.  In truth, the primary purpose of my blog roll is to make it easier to get to things I want to read.  Pam Geller's site is the best I've found for following things Islamist.  I also greatly appreciate her sponsorship of the "Draw Mohammed" contest, which was a very important step in defense of free speech and expression, and a bold slap in the faces of Islamists.

I may add a few more sites soon.

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