Thursday, March 03, 2016

Explaining Trump's success

I'm listening to the "debate."  Ugh.  Chris Wallace ought to be tarred and feathered.  Maybe we could melt Trump into tar.  Getting rid of those two dopes would help.  Trump just said he paid four checks to Hillary Clinton for her presidential race for business purposes.  That's a felony, a quid pro quo.  Megan K. is now asking Trump about his off-the-record discussion with NYT re his flexibility on immigration.  More blather.  At some point, if Trump continues to win, NYT will release the discussion and he'll be hoist by his own petard.

I've become more or less convinced of the hypothesis that Trump is an agent of the Democrats, possibly an agent who is out of control.  Trump is likely more successful than he imagined and has gone from a hoax candidate to a serious contender, to perhaps everyone's chagrin.  Yes, this is just a hypothesis, and probably we'll never really know.  But more importantly, why is this buffoon having any success?  Most of what he says is incoherent and contradictory; people who pay close attention to candidates are probably not falling for him.  Well, here's a big part of the answer...another hypothesis.

The mainstream media has made Trump.  This article in National Review explains.  The synopsis: He's an entertainer and a gold mine for them, and they've given him three to four times the airtime than all the rest of the GOP candidates combined.  "Trump, Trump, Trump."  Even in tonight's "debate" it's hard for the Fox News "moderators" to ask a question that doesn't include a reference to Trump.  It's pretty clear the MSM strongly favors democrats (perhaps even the Foxers, they certainly seem to have contempt for the Republican candidates) and I gather the MSM thinks Trump can be sunk should he make it through the primaries.  They may well be right.  For now, he's the media's darling.  They'll try to annihilate him later.

If this is right, I don't think Trump will be President.  It won't be at all difficult for the media to paint him as a fascist and potential tyrant; he supplies them with all the evidence they need.  Trump is anathema to many people of many different political perspectives.  I don't think he can win.

I still believe Cruz or Rubio would clobber Hillary Clinton, should she be the Democrat's candidate.  (There's a good chance she won't be.  Today's most important news story is that State Department official Bryan Pagliano has been given immunity from prosecution.  This is terrible news for Clinton.)  The current polls concerning these matchups are meaningless, because in a debate either of them would take her apart and humiliate her.  Trump won't.  He's ephemeral and unprincipled.

I certainly hope we never get to find out.  Never Trump!

Update: Fox is giving Trump more than 50% of the debate time.  And he speaks when the other candidates are speaking.

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