Thursday, January 07, 2016

Happy Christmas (Julian) and Happy New Year!

Happy 2016 and Happy Orthodox Christmas to all our readers (if any) from the entire staff of Unforeseen Contingencies.  

I'm still in Montana with no internet access, save for a trip to Starbucks every three days or so.  Hence no blogging on mass sexual molestations by gangs of "Syrian refugees" in Germany, nor Obama's attempt to dictatorially impose gun controls, nor North Korea's nuclear test, nor Iran's attack on the Saudi Embassy in Teheran and the well-deserved bombing of the Iranian embassy in Yemen in apparent response... not even on the growing Obamacare debacle (which, true to form, the administration is heralding as another "triumph."  Not even time to comment in detail on the growing evidence of Hillary Clinton's felonious behavior, nor the reconsideration of the charges of rape against Bill Clinton.

But once I'm back in action, expect some fun posts...

Meanwhile, Happy New Year!

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