Friday, January 15, 2016

"As Germany Welcomes Migrants, Sexual Attacks in Cologne Point to a New Reality"

 New York Times reports.

Hahahahaha!  ("die Schadenfreude," what a wonderful German word.)  The above is a New York Times headline from yesterday; I find it hilarious.  After all the moralistic lecturing we opponents of unrestricted immigration by Mohammedans have been getting from idiots like Angela Merkel, Barack Obama,The New York Times, Mssrs. Bier, Nowrasteh, et al. at FEE, etc., it's gratifying to see this demonstration that reality is not optional.  The fantasy of multiculturalism is being destroyed before our very eyes, and it's a beautiful thing.  (For the logic-challenged, "we" at Unforeseen Contingencies should point out that the brutal and awful assaults on women and men are not beautiful, they are terrible.  The beautiful thing is seeing the idiots who promote multiculturalism being refuted and publicly humiliated.)

For those who missed it, on New Years eve, across Germany there were waves of sexual assaults and other violence, committed by muslim immigrants.  The most attacks seem to have been in Köln (Cologne) although rapes and other violence occurred elsewhere.  Perpetrators were muslims, and a high percentage seem to have been recent immigrants.  Police responding to the attacks were so overwhelmed by the numbers that they were powerless (or so they claimed -- I believe German police carry firearms so I think "impotent" would be a better term).

On his "I Want a New Left" Dr. John Pepple wonders if this might lead to an awakening among feminists that the left is not their friend.  I suspect so, at least for those who are serious about the rights of women.  And certainly the progressive left seems to be self-destructing rapidly.  They've taken on too many things that are completely incompatible with an "open society" (George Soros' term for the progressive ideal).  I predict a backlash on this and other issues that will shock the left.

Photo: German girls.  Would they be willing to do this at Cologne train station next New Years?

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