Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fun on the road...

As we roll west, I heard from my friend, climbing partner, and ultrarunner Mats "Crazy Swede" Roing that he and his wife Christine and a friend were heading east from Montana.  Through careful coordination and impeccable timing we managed to meet up at the Cenex Station in Medina, North Dakota.  The photos below show us doing our obligatory pushups, me and Mats standing, plus a group photo.

Interestingly, in the store they had several small stacks of CD's featuring Joe Schmidt.  I asked the gal at the counter, and she told me he's a local rancher who has recorded music and that she liked the album, so I bought one.  Shortly thereafter, Joe Schmidt himself came in.  I asked him to autograph the CD, which he graciously did, and also sold me on a CD single that's a fund raiser for Farm Rescue.  I've known about Farm Rescue for some time; it's a great organization, and I was pleased to buy this CD.  I didn't get his Christmas album, but probably should have.  His voice is great, the music is full and well performed.  Julie and I don't listen to much country but we enjoy both the album and the single.  "Nineteen" is particularly good.  Readers of Unforeseen Contingencies are encouraged to check out his site.  Buy a CD!

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