Monday, December 07, 2015

A date which will live in infamy...

Pearl Harbor Day, 2015. Seventy four years ago today, December 7 1941, the Japanese attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor and elsewhere. They attacked without warning, without declaration of war, all as part of an aggressive expansion to build an empire (a literal empire).  This marks the beginning of World War II for Americans.  For Western Europeans, the war began earlier, 1 September 1939, while the Soviets date the beginning as 22 July 1941.  For the Chinese the war began 7 July 1937 with the Lugou Qiao (Marco Polo Bridge) Incident.

When did the war begin?  That's a matter of one's perspective (I have tended to adopt the Chinese' date), but what is important is not exactly how we date the war, it's that we remember this.  In response to the Japanese' attack, the President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt, called it "a date that will live in infamy."  It is something to remember.

President Roosevelt also declared before Congress that "The American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory." I'm no fan of Franklin Roosevelt, but he was cut of a different cloth than the pro-Islamist traitor who now sits in the Whitehouse.  In response to another infamous attack, the current occupant spent the bulk of his time lecturing Americans on gun control and, bizarrely enough, defending Islam, as if Islam had somehow come under attack.  Then there's Congress... Congressional Democrats watch and realize the President is selling out the country, and yet do nothing, for fear of sacrificing the party, I guess.  Congressional Republicans posture but also do nothing.  Here's a suggestion: declare war on Daesh, and impeach the President if he doesn't prosecute it to the fullest.  It won't happen, I know, and saving the republic will be up to us, the American people.

I am uncertain how historians will date the current war, but there is one going on, and it will grow.  There's no leader in Washington today, but I still think that the American people will win.  I will expand on this in future posts.

Correction: Hitler attacked USSR on June 22.
Oops. Thanks!
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