Thursday, November 19, 2015

Status report: Ugh!

I had hoped to get a number of posts up by now, but have had far too many other things going on.  This November has proven to be one of the busiest months I've had in a while.  I finally have a short breathing spell, mostly because today I have been out sick.  Nothing serious, I think.  Yesterday I underwent a routine medical procedure, merely part of a checkup, and the entire affair, plus an incipient cold, left me a bit indisposed.  Ugh.

(I suppose I've been a bit cryptic here, but the curious can refer to the footnote.*  I suppose you should read it, because that's where the punch line is buried.  But read the rest of the post first.)

In my previous post I made several predictions.  At times like these, I hate it when I'm right.  First, I predicted that French Muslims would say they felt no outrage over the attacks and no sympathy for the victims.  I was correct, according to BBC.  A few comments from the banlieues: "...don't you think they exaggerate the Paris attacks when there are more Syrians dying everyday?" ... "...France has been asking for it because of its intervention in Syria.  The Paris attacks lasted three hours - but this happens everyday in Syria."

There's schizophrenia for you... she's angry that homicidal maniacs in Syria are butchering people, but she can't feel sympathy when said maniacs also attack France... because France has tried to stop them.  Ugh!

But it's not just French Muslims.  In Turkey, soccer fans booed and shouted praises to Allah when asked to observe a moment of silence in respect for the victims of the Paris attacks.  Ugh!!!

My second prediction was that Daesh's attacks would be defended by leftist students in the U.S.  Reality has one-upped me on that one.  Dan Kimmel, a Democrat running for state legislator in Minnesota, tweeted following the attacks: "ISIS isn’t necessarily evil.  It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their community."  He claims the tweet was in response to the Saturday night Democrat presidential debates, not the Paris attacks.  I suppose we could cut him some slack -- watching that could drive anyone insane.  But no, no slack.  The earlier beheadings, gang rapes, genocides, mass enslavements, bombing of passenger aircraft... these are acts of pure evil.

Please note this carefully.  This is why multiculturalism is so dangerous and so evil.  A progressive, rather mainstream Democrat publicly stated "ISIS isn’t necessarily evil.  It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their community."

No civilized human being could possibly believe this, unless s/he had gone mad.  Multiculturalism is a doctrine of madness, and it drives its exponents into madness.

Mr. Kimmel did subsequently drop out of the race (thank GATU) and apologized, saying his tweet was "poorly worded" and didn't convey his meaning.  No, Mr. Kimmel, it wasn't poorly worded, it was wrong, and betrays both madness and an evil within you.  You apologized for murderers and rapists who intend to kill me, you, your would-be constituents, and anyone else who doesn't submit.  That's both crazy and evil.  UGH!!!

*My medical procedure?  You're sure you really want to know?  OK, it was a colonoscopy that my doctor has been badgering me to get.  This involved 40 hours of fasting, consumption of one gallon of noxious liquid the medicoes refer to as "prep" and various subsequent unpleasantries, the least of which was no sleep, getting an IV stuck into my arm (I must say, though, my nurse did it so smoothly it felt like a gentle touch of her hand), and then getting doped to the gills.  Most of what happened yesterday seemed like a dream, I again slept poorly, and woke up this morning feeling drunk and not quite able to walk correctly and with a cold besides.  Fun.  But the medical report is that I am perfectly fine, colonwise.  They gave me some very interesting pictures of what they saw, but I cannot figure out how to post them.

I will say, though, that everyone I dealt with at the University of Michigan Medical Center struck me as being a first class professional, and despite my grumpy tone I am deeply grateful to them, for this and for previous services, and think that what they do is one of the greatest things humans have ever done: combine science and caring to save and improve lives.  ...the exact opposite of Daesh!

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