Thursday, November 26, 2015

Democrat National Committee supports radical Islam

What other conclusion could be drawn from this?  They can't be much clearer.  Some comments...

First, every Republican seen in the video takes pains to specify that it is radical Islam that threatens us.  No one comes close to suggesting that all Muslims are terrorists.  That's obvious.  The DNC is simply lying when they claim these Republicans are saying all Muslims are terrorists.  DNC knows this (it's obvious, after all) and is willing to lie as part of a smear campaign... SOP for the left.

Second, radical Islam is much more than just terrorism.  Obviously most Muslims are not terrorists (that would be one billion plus terrorists!) but apparently less obvious to some, most radical Islamists are not terrorists.  Terror is a tactic or a method, and I suspect most Islamists think it is a poor one, perhaps even an immoral one.  There are plenty of other way to try to spread sharia and to bring non-Muslims under Muslim political control, as some Muslim Brotherhood operatives are aware.  Blasphemy laws, death penalty for homosexuality, death penalty for adultery, jizya and forced "conversion," ... there is no place for any of this in a free society, which means there's no place for sharia and no place for a literal interpretation of the Koran.

Third, DNC posted this less than one week after the massacres in Beirut, Paris, and Bamako.  This is what DNC is worried about, "islamophobia."  The Democrat Party leadership: bad people.

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