Friday, October 23, 2015

BAU update

I am sitting happily at an undisclosed location in Greenville MI, waiting patiently for the start of the 2015 Bad Apple Ultra 12 Hour Run.  Starting time is 6:00 AM EDT, and the course winds through the grounds of Klackle Orchards, just outside of Greenville.  Chaos is asleep on the bed next to me, resting up.  She and Julie will run the three hour version, so they won't begin until 3:00 PM...we'll all be finishing roughly at the same time.

Since Le Grizz two weeks ago I've only run 4.5 miles total, I believe, which seemed plenty.  I was a bit sore for a week after Le Grizz, and then had a massage that made me sorer.  I also did a set of 300 swings with a 1.5 pood kettlebell, just for my back, which made me sorer yet.  Tomorrow's run should be a relief.

Hah!  In fact, I feel pretty good; if I feel strong I will try going out at a relatively brisk pace, but BAU consists of 4 mile loops that wander through orchards and fields, and if I don't feel fast I will just treat this as a long and fun training run.  It will be a fun group, I think, and we are all looking forward to it.

Report will follow.

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