Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Don't forget, it's racist to say "White Lives Matter."

Left to right: Alison Parker, Adam Ward, Vester Flanagan.  It is racist to say Parker's life matters or Ward's life matters, and racist if we don't say Flanagan's life matters.  At least, that's what our progressive friends tell us.

(Note: an earlier photo I posted here misidentified a gentleman as Flanagan.  The photo was posted on several news outlets and identified as Flanagan and I followed suit.  I  am unable to determine who the man is, but I apologize to him.  A reader who apparently likes the "black lives" movement and takes me to task for correctly applying their favorite memes at an inopportune time was kind enough to point out my error.  The above is Flanagan.  BBC says so.)

That is NOT Vester Flangan in the picture... Of course Alison's life matters, what happened to her is an absolute tragedy but you're an ass for bringing race into this. You have missed the entire point of the black lives matter movement. Everyone wants to be the victim.
Thanks for your comment. The "black lives movement" is a pack of racists and intellectual thugs; I am happy to point that out, and have only begun to do so.

As for the photo, it appeared on a couple of news outlets with the middle person identified as Flanagan. I will check to verify whether it is indeed someone else and change it if so. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Anonymous, thanks for pointing out the mistake I made with the photo. I changed it. While you are at it, why don't you also explain what "the entire point of the black lives movement" is, since you think I have missed it and will do so. I have been planning for some time to examine this destructive radical movement. Your input would be welcome and I will treat it seriously and fairly, although I expect such an exchange will go rather badly for you, since I will be directly quoting "black lives matter" activists. But your input will be welcomed, and I won't even call you names.
It appears "Anonymous" has left us, as I expected. But Anon did me several services, first by pointing out a mistaken ID on a photo, and second by providing a nice opening to address the destructive racists of the BLMM.

But I wish Anon had been willing to engage me; the discussion would have been instructive for all of us. And also, I'm left wondering what was Anon's political perspective. I doubt Anon is from the left; it's a rare event that a leftwinger sees this blog. My fear is that Anon is a libertarian. Unfortunately, many libertarians seem to be trying to make common cause with radical PC leftists, supposing, I think, they've found natural allies since the radical left is also at war with the state.

That's an odd and ironic misunderstanding. The radical left is at war with the current American state precisely because it is not unlimited, contra libertoonist fantasies. The radical left is anti-American-state because they are full-blown statists. A libertoonist alliance with the radical left is similar to the left's alliance with Islamists. If and when your new allies win...they will kill you.
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