Sunday, March 01, 2015

Before the ides of March

In the runup to Spring Break things have become rather hectic, hence I've been a bit lax in getting posts up.  This is a bit unfortunate, as there's plenty going on I'd love to be talking about, and I have some interesting things to say (at least I think they're interesting, and that's what counts!) about Greece and the euro, Obama and Islam, Netanyahu's trip to Congress, the assassination of Boris Nemtsov (yes, Putin did it), Russia's continuing war on Ukraine, the Republican Congress and DHS, and a few other things.

These will have to wait until either the stack of exams sitting beside me corrects itself, or I do.  If the former happens, expect a full report.  Otherwise the next posts will be on some of the above subjects.  It'll be soon, I promise.

Can we also look forward to "The inevitability of nuclear war, part 2" sometime in the near future?
By popular demand...yes.
I am not a robot.
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