Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The anemic Republican rebuttal

How depressing. I listened to Joni Ernst, and while I did not expect much, it's still depressing to hear that the "opposition" remains mealy-mouthed, lame, and detached from principle. I'm glad that she replaced the scoundrel Tom Larkin (for one thing, I think she'll generally hold the line against gun control). But she made far too much of an appeal to emotions, very little appeal to reason, no willingness to confront hard truths, just a load of treacle... in style very similar to Obama's blabbing.

 Almost no politician at the national level is capable of speaking in terms of fundamental principles, or of facing genuinely difficult problems. (One of the few exceptions is Senator Ted Cruz, no wonder everyone in both parties hates him.)  Expect nothing good from politics at the federal level.

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