Friday, January 16, 2015

Correcting two oversights

Two egregious errors on my part... for quite some time I have been aware of two excellent blogs and failed to list them in my blogroll, and indeed failed even to mention them in posts.  That's now corrected.

The first is Maya's Corner, a blog from regular and longtime reader Maya M. in Bulgaria.  I've occasionally had exchanges with her in the comments section of UC and have known about her blog for quite some time, but haven't kept up.  I just read several of her recent posts, and I am quite impressed.... careful, thoughtful, insightful argumentation, and very well written.  Take a look.

(I'm also honored that she has continued to follow Unforeseen Contingencies, even though for the past year my posting was sporadic at best and quality of my posts has tended to be poor.)

Second, who says leftists can't be rational?  I Want a New Left is the blog of an anonymous professor of philosophy, a left winger, who has come to realize the emptiness of contemporary left-wing progressive thought.  His blog features extremely perceptive commentary on the craziness of today's academic left, plus soccer.  He's extremely critical of socialism, radical feminism, multiculturalism, Islam and Islamism, environmental extremism, and all the rest of contemporary leftist nonsense.  What then makes him a leftist?  He's a radical egalitarian and his sympathies lie with the poor and the working class -- he just understands that capitalism and freedom are more likely to improve their lot than anything else.  I came across this blog two years ago, I think.  I'm finally giving it it's due.

Both are now in the Unforeseen Contingencies blogroll.  I should note that I likely differ strongly with both authors on a number of issues.  The point in listing and following them is not that I always agree, it's that the quality of their analyses tends to be particularly high.  These are both thought provoking and worth reading.

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