Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Confused about Islam"

That's how WaPo headlines an article on the homicidal Islamist in Sydney, echoing statements from various "experts."  It appears that Man Haron Monis had theological interpretations of Islam that didn't conform to what the "experts" describe as "basic Islamic theology."  Why, he didn't even know the difference between doctrines and ideologies!  (The article does not go on to explain the "obvious" difference.)

That's rich!  I'm waiting for similar headlines on how Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan isn't familiar with the basics of Islam.  I don't recall any equivalent headlines concerning Christianity or conservatism when maniacs assassinated abortion providers or blew up clinics, or for that matter when Hindu nationalists in India or Buddhists in Thailand commits acts of religious violence.  Somehow Islam is the only doctrine (um, theology? ideology?) we need worry being confused about.

Here's a better article than WaPo mustered on the Islam-inspired terrorist attack in Pakistan, from Albawaba.  It's much shorter and notes the significance of ISI's support for the Pakistani Taliban, a crucial fact WaPo neglects -- news seems to be crowded out by pathos and propaganda in the American MSM these days.

Meanwhile, back at Unforeseen Contingencies headquarters, we are about to head West for Christmas. More blogging ahead!

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