Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: why I am thankful

Just a few of the reasons...

1. We still have a country of free market capitalism, private property rights, individual liberty (yes, I've said the same thing three ways).  It is battered and under assault, but we are still free and, for that reason, still wealthy... in spirit and in material things.

2. I have my Julie, my family, my many friends, my students, my colleagues, my Chaos... all make my life richer.

3. I am healthy, fairly fit, and sane (some might question this last one, but I would have to be crazy to deny it).  My work is going well, and we're accomplishing some things that are worth accomplishing.

As is my Thanksgiving habit, this year I roasted a turkey and prepared the usual side dishes.  As always, everything is done from scratch.  Dressing, pie crust, gravy, mashed potatoes,and the like all begin with basics.  (One exception: I served canned cranberry sauce, which was not bad at all. But this is the last time, as Jeff "Computer Geek" Ross' lovely Laura forwarded me her recipe after hearing this.)  And as is my habit, I also did a hard workout prior to dinner, one which included 100 pushups, 20 pullups, 35 standing military presses with at least half my body weight, heavy deadlifts, and a variety of squats, box jumps, kettlebell snatches, and the like.  It's uncertain whether net calories for today are negative or positive.

Photos follow.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Box jumps

Burning calories in advance

Into the oven...

Out of the oven!

Thankful in America

Before Steele
After Steele

OMG!!! Thats a LOT of turkey!!! LOL!
Are you referring to the plate or the guy doing box jumps?
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