Friday, February 21, 2014

Shootings in Kyiv

Here's video footage of unarmed Euromaidan demonstrators being gunned down in Kyiv.  After they are pinned down, they are picked off by snipers.

Here's video footage of snipers and militsia shooting at Euromaidan activists, plus scenes of victims alive and dead.

Lew Rockwell, "anti-war" Justin Raimondo, senile old Ron Paul, and paranoid lunatic Paul Craig Roberts find this acceptable.

I don't find it acceptable. I find military action by the west in response unacceptable.
I find it unacceptable that when Rothbardians are presented with evidence of evidence of totalitarian thuggishness by non-Western actors, their immediate response is to lay into the "warmongering" West. No one here (or anywhere) has called for military action by the west. That's a paranoid fantasy from Lew Rockwell and senile old Ron Paul... phony libertarians who cannot bring themselves to say even a bad word about Putin or Yanukovych.
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To Anonymous: A question for you... do you find Putin's military action acceptable?

To Bumbu: glad you liked the post. Send me one of your Indonesian pillows and 100 USD I will post a review of it here.
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