Thursday, October 03, 2013

"Shutdown"... Farce? Political Theater? War?

It's all three!

The previous post shows what USDA is currently displaying on their websites.  An ignorant person might suppose that because of the "shutdown," the government had no funds to keep its websites up and had to close them down.  But to the contrary, they are up and running.  What has happened is that Obama has ordered federal agencies to block access to their sites in order to inflict maximum inconvenience on the public.  The servers are still running, the software that constitutes the pages still exists... the difficulty is that Obama has intentionally turned off your access to them, at additional cost paid by you.

So yes, it's farce.  The crybaby-in-chief is again throwing a tantrum because he's not getting his way.

And yes, it's political theater, a staged "event" designed to sway observers for some end.

But most of all, it's war -- the end is to destroy any opposition to the progressive drive to remake America. They need to eliminate, once and for all, America's commitment to individual liberty, because individuals who are free to make their own decisions won't fit very well into the plan for a utopia this political class envisions. And that means first demonizing, and then destroying, libertarians and Tea Party types is a necessity.

Not a penny was saved by putting up these access barriers.  To the contrary, putting these up required additional spending.

The same things can be said about the closings of parks and memorials across then nation.  Normally unmanned monuments in D.C. have been closed through expenditures of manpower, equipment, and cash, along with threats leveled at elderly W.W. II veterans visiting.  Inflict maximum pain on the American people, try to get them to blame anyone who opposes Obama's socialist agenda, that's the goal.  (Happily, the vets told the Park Service and Obama to go to hell, knocked down the barricades, and entered anyway.)

Much more dangerously, today Obama and Treasury Secretary have threatened a sovereign default.  Rather than try to calm the situation, they are trying to whip up fears on as a means of increasing pressure on their opponents.  This is an extremely dangerous tactic, and makes "us" at UC wonder if they are willing to follow through and intentionally default on interest payments as a political tool.  A default would likely have catastrophic effects for Americans and for the rest of the world -- after all, one of the main assets around the world is American debt.  My suspicion is that Obama, his "handlers"  (George, are you there? George...?) , and many of his supporters are indeed willing to see a default, if that's what it takes for them to discredit and destroy their opposition.  It's extremely dangerous and utterly criminal.

This is indeed war.  Like the WW II veterans, we should tell Obama to go to hell, knock down his barricades (e.g. Obamacare), and start working to dismantle the nascent federal dictatorship.

Photo: Citizens also tore down barriers blocking entry into Yellowstone National Park.

(BTW, Unforeseen Contingencies notes that this is our 600th post!)

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