Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Day After U.N. Day!

"Season's greetings" from Unforeseen Contingencies!  October 24 is U.N. Day, but here at Unforeseen Contingencies we celebrate Day After U.N. Day! anticipating the happy moment when we enter the post-U.N. world.  Any usefulness of the United Nations as a deliberative body has long since passed; it now largely is an international bureaucracy bent on promoting worldwide central planning and political correctness, and a forum for government thugs from failed states around the world to condemn the civilized parts of the world.

Case in point: the U.N. bureaucracy has embarked on a jihad against The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and state "castle doctrine" and "stand your ground" laws.  Read the U.N. link to see how utterly crackpot the U.N. is -- they are taking their lead from the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, an obscure collectivist black separatist organization that trains young black people as "Afrikan Scouts," learning combat and survival skills.  I hasten to add I am all for teaching all young people such skills, along with pride and appreciation for one's heritage -- it's the racist and collectivist "one people one destiny" message I oppose. The MXGM message is one the U.N. "experts" would be joining me in vehemently denouncing if Camp Pumziko were "whites only."

It only gets crazier.  Another U.N. "expert" was outraged that his investigation into "stand your ground" laws was delayed by Obama's shutdown, and denounced the Republican Party and endorsed Obamacare. One would suppose that domestic political matters might be seen as outside the scope of a U.N. investigation on "human rights," or that the design of health insurance markets and governmental budget issues would be seen as outside the expertise of "human rights" lawyer -- but no, there's apparently infinite hubris on the part of these self-appointed "experts."

Here's an excellent analysis of the U.N. bureaucracratic meddling that goes far deeper than I do here, and it's worth reading.  (Thanks to Alex Newman and The New American.)  Meanwhile, the clueless dunce U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki-moon has announced that the United States have committed themselves to the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.  Well, no.  The U.S. Senate has not ratified the treaty and unless this happens the U.S. is no more "committed" to it than it is to the League of Nations.  Furthermore, the Second Amendment of the Constitution precludes substantial portions of the treaty -- the Senate has no authority to amend the Constitution.  And furthermore, the American people have final say in this, since we, not the Congress, nor the President, nor the Supreme Court, are the ultimate source of political authority.  Any "authority" the U.N. has is derived from member states, and hence the U.N. is so far down the chain of authority as to make its claims of authority absurd and laughable.

But by all means, if the U.N. wishes to try to enforce gun control or any other of its crackpot schemes in the United States, it should go right ahead.  That would be one way to ensure its rapid demise.

(Note: some of the more conspiracy-minded argue that there really are various plans afoot to have U.N. "Blue Helmets" occupy the United States.  I'm quite skeptical, but who knows what the kookier of the international "experts" might be thinking --after all, I once heard one state in an interview on NPR that private property rights had to be abolished everywhere in the world.  But more to the point, even if the U.N. voted unanimously to invade the U.S., there's a little problem.  The only country in the world capable of transporting the enormous number of forces that would be required is the United States.  Hence U.N. Blue Helmets occupying the U.S. remains a fantasy.)

(Thanks to Sipsey Street for originally posting some of the material I've cited here.)

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