Monday, July 15, 2013

Obama's war on Zimmerman

Obama, Holder, and the DoJ worked behind the scenes to organize demonstrations and protests against Zimmerman, sending a federal team to Florida to help coordinate such and also spending over $5000 in taxpayer funds on them.  It's not much money...but how can the DoJ be legally or morally spending anything organizing demonstrations designed to sway an outcome in a criminal trial???

It's astounding that Barack Obama and Eric Holder used the U.S. Dept. of Justice to organize demonstrations to try to influence a state jury trial.  If this isn't a violation of Constitutional separation of powers as well as obstruction of justice, what is?  But there's a deeper problem than just the corruption of Obama and Holder -- DoJ's CRS (Community Relations Service) appears to have a record of racism, or what former director Ondray Harris politely calls "racial favoritism."

And now the Obama/Holder DoJ is teamed with the NAACP to try to cook up a federal civil rights case against Zimmerman.  DoJ has no evidence that Zimmerman committed a "civil rights crime," so it has established a "George Zimmerman tip line" for people to call in "evidence" that Zimmerman is a racist.  Go ahead and explain how such an action could have any legitimacy at all...especially when there's solid evidence that Zimmerman is a civil rights activist who single-handedly waged a campaign on behalf of a black homeless man who was beaten by the son of a police official.  But legitimacy, legality, and morality are concepts foreign to our current regime.

Racist and general scoundrel Al Sharpton is also squeezing as much political and financial gain from this as possible, so much so that various observers have wondered whether he isn't running the show, e.g. here and here.  Sharpton has been boasting that he and his rabble are "peaceful," of course.

Obama and Co, black racists like Al Sharpton, and progressives appear dead set on demonizing and destroying Zimmerman for political purposes.  No doubt Zimmerman's latest exploit, rescuing a family of four from a crashed automobile, will be taken as some sort of evidence against him by . anything that promotes the cause.

May George Zimmerman prevail again!

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