Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Morsi must go!

And may the bastard take the damned Muslim Brotherhood with him.

Apparently a number of high-ranking members of the MB are being arrested and the Egyptian Army is deploying in Cairo.

Morsi is effectively a dictator.  His Muslim Brotherhood is an anti-liberty movement.  The constitution they forced upon Egypt is illegitimate.  It's uncertain what will happen, but it's nonsense to whine about a "coup,"  when Morsi, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and the Constituent Assembly had been working together to crush dissent, shut out the political opposition, and stifle freedom.

Here are a couple of short news pieces on the current events, from Al Jazeera, BBC, and Jerusalem Post.  They'll be dated by the time I finish this, but so be it.  Much more interesting, and quite amusing, is this excerpt from Mark Levin's radio program last night courtesy of Daily Caller.  (Listen to the "video," rather than read the text.)  It's  not so much deep analysis as it is a fine expression of disgust at the MSM and the Barack Obama.  These scoundrels' selective use of "democracy" and "coup" remind me of the Honduras debacle of 2009, when the leftist president Zelaya attempted to remain in power unconstitutionally after his term expired, and when the legislature and Supreme Court took entirely constitutional action to remove him from office, the entire membership of the U.N. declared it a coup.  Barack Obama led the way on that one, even though the U.S. government's own official finding was that there was no coup and the actions of the Honduran Supreme Court and army were entirely legitimate.

Well, Obama's Muslim Brotherhood buddies seem to be in trouble.  I'm not particularly hopeful about Egypt's prospects for freedom, but they will be no worse if the MB is driven out of politics or even simply forced into a much less prominent role.  And to the extent these enemies of the United States are on the defensive, the better off we are.

Update: already dated indeed! Only a few minutes later and it's now announced, Morsi out. For good, let's hope.

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