Monday, July 15, 2013

George Zimmerman, I apologize

George Zimmerman, I apologize. I was wrong.  I regret it.

I only posted three times on the Zimmerman affair, and two out of three of the posts argued that Mr. Zimmerman was guilty. (They are here: one, two, and three.)As I promised, I waited until the due process of law had run its course. It has, and I am quite confident that Zimmerman's acquittal is just and well-warranted.

Reading my earlier posts embarrasses me a little, but I am rather pleased that I did get things right in an important sense. In my first post on the subject I wrote, "[i]f the accounts reported in the press are true..."  I want on to analyze the story reported invented by the mainstream media.  Sure, if Zimmerman had assaulted Martin, he'd have had no grounds for subsequently shooting him, but that's not what happened.  Martin assaulted Zimmerman.  It was not self defense on Martin's part.  Zimmerman was blindsided by Martin.  So says the evidence.

What blindsided me was the extent to which the press lied in order to frame Zimmerman.  I know the MSM is biased, but I would not have expected them to fabricate "evidence," e.g. the editing of George Zimmerman's 911 call so that it said things he did not say, or running old pictures of Martin to make him look like a harmless little boy, or denying that Zimmerman had any injuries at all.

We now know that Martin had Zimmerman pinned to the ground and was pounding him as well as slamming his head against the pavement.  Zimmerman was yelling for help.  There's eyewitness testimony to this, and Martin's actions were a violation of the law.  Legitimate self defense it does not permit one to continue to attack a threat one it ceases, and there's no evidence that Martin was engaging in self defense in the first place.  There is, however, evidence suggesting that Martin himself was a criminal -- among other things he'd previously been found with jewelry stolen in a burglary.  (This sordid story, somehow missed by the MSM, involves a police chief who fabricated crime statistics to show falling rates.  He defined crimes by high school students as mere "disciplinary problems;" the chief subsequently was fired.)

I have not thought much of the MSM for quite some time, but I'm still taken aback by the viciousness and willingness to lie exhibited here.  That the media would repeatedly lie, invent pseudo-facts, and frame an innocent man all for political purposes is so far over the top I wouldn't have expected it even of them.  I guess it's part of this "new American normal."

Jeralyn Merritt and Alan Dershowitz, both very left of center and high profile attorneys, called this case correctly. Dershowitz has gone so far as to call for disbarring of the prosecutors for their thuggish tactics, which included withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense.

This was a political show trial, we now know, but unlike those Stalin conducted, there was an actual defense and an actual jury... and actual justice.  Now Barack Obama and Eric Holder -- America's own proto-Stalin-and-Beria -- are contemplating charging Zimmerman with "civil rights" violations.  DoJ is working with the NAACP and other anti-white groups to cook up a case against Zimmerman.  It's these two who need to be disbarred, impeached, removed from office, and sent to criminal trial.  The administration and its sycophants and the press are acting criminally at this point (what else can you call such lawlessness?) and are out to destroy justice and replace it with "social justice." Zimmerman is just a symbol for them; they clearly do not care about facts or guilt or innocence.  It's a leftist jihad, and it is dangerous for everyone who believes in genuine justice.

I wish George Zimmerman all the best and thank him for being a citizen willing to stand up against criminals.

I have no opinion that would matter on the subject but I have great respect for what you just did. It shows you have a spine! NV
Thank you. From you, that means something.
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