Thursday, May 30, 2013

Be Prepared!

Montana Tactical Firearms, S.W. Montana Second Amendment, and Gun Owners of America are putting on Be Prepared, a series of workshops on self defense, emergency preparedness, and preserving the Second Amendment on June 8 in Three Forks, Montana.  A contingent from Unforeseen Contingencies will be there, and readers are encouraged to join us.

Meanwhile, here's an interesting video that makes it clear why being prepared to protect oneself is necessary.  This video actually understates the the importance of being prepared, because the police have absolutely no legal obligation to come when you call.  There's not a country in the world where you can successfully take them to court if they fail to protect you.  Of course, even you could successfully take them to court, that wouldn't make up for being victimized.  So wherever you are, dear reader, be responsible and be prepared to take care of yourself.

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