Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Updates: Boston blame, DPRK, Economics

A few quick updates related to previous posts:

1. A "progressive" pundit (i.e. unprincipled scoundrel) is hoping a 'white male" is the Boston bomber.  You see, in our "racist" society, if it turns out to be someone "of color" there will be massive crackdowns on civil liberties, while if it's a white male our "racist" society will do nothing because of "white privilege."

Political correctness is pretty close to being "the real Philosophy X," please note.

2. A defector from North Korea says what finally pushed him to escape was the realization that if he didn't, he too would become a cannibal.  

North Korea is Hell on Earth.

3. Finally, not an update but just a short note on economics... a  Hampden-Sydney College econ major, Alex Cartwright, has written a particularly nice succinct piece on why the left doesn't understand economics.  In short, the left sees "the economy" as a given pie, and thinks the only question is how to divide it up.  That essentially eliminates 100% of economics, which is about the knowledge problem, entrepreneurship and wealth creation, and the allocation of resources.  I've left a comment which isn't up yet as I post this.

I notice he plans to do a Ph.D. in economics.  Good.

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