Monday, February 04, 2013

Obama's Cheerleaders

It's quite clear that the MSM has given up on new reporting and taken up advocacy.

I sometimes wonder whether Obama's advocates in the mainstream media ever to reflect on what they are saying.  Wolf Blitzer (D, CNN) recently tried telling one of the Utah sheriffs that whatever Obama says in an executive order is law and that the sheriff must obey.

Good grief!  Does Blitzer really believe that Obama is a dictator who can legislate by executive fiat? That we live in a dictatorship of, by, and for Barack Obama?  Or that state, county, and local governments take orders from the federal government?  But then, this utter confusion over the principles of government isn't something new -- a couple of years ago I listened to NPR correspondents seriously discussing the likelihood that if Congress failed to come up with "suitable" restrictions on carbon dioxide, EPA would force them to act by instead taking over and creating even more draconian "laws" (regulations) than Congress would.  The NPR reporters seemed to think it was perfectly legitimate for the executive branch both to legislate and to dictate to Congress.  We're seeing the same thing now in the "national conversation" about gun control, with the mainstream media actively campaigning for laws and regulations (this was Blitzer's point, of course).

MSM took the role of advocacy, not news reporting, some time ago  Evan Thomas captured the sentiment with his idiotic "he's sort of God" comment.  And what they advocate has nothing to do with individual liberty nor Constitutionally limited government.

Now here's Micheal Hastings explaining how the Whitehouse press corps simply "swoons" over Obama.  It's simply astounding the extent to which these people have drunk their own Kool-aid.  When Hastings himself had the chance to ask Obama about summary execution by drone strike and the administration's war on civil liberties, the pathetic clown wimped out -- and he thinks it's cute that he did.  (See below.)

Again, it is not normal to have the MSM show such slavish devotion to the administration, and to engage in so much one-sided advocacy.  These are not normal times.

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