Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why New Yorkers should not register their firearms

Registration is confiscation.  I've just arrived in the east (not the New York Soviet Socialist republic, happily) and am back to blogging; oh, yes, and also work.

I listened to the President's shameful theatrics yesterday while driving through Ohio. Emotional manipulation, outright lies, attacks on political opponents, and absence of any logic or sense -- this sums up his show. It was primarily staged for whipping up the emotions of his supporters and demonizing his opponents. I won't comment in any depth about his speech but will note a few points that deserve attention.

When Obama speaks, he pretends to be talking to everyone; e.g. consider comments like "I'm not coming to take your shotgun, or your rifle, or your handgun." Comments like this seem to be directed at gun owners who fear confiscation, but they are not. No one believes Obama if they know the history of gun control or understands what has been proposed in the past by Obama, Feinstein, Schumer, Holder, et al. in the past. And when he speaks like this, he tends to take a tone of mild exasperation, as though he's talking to panicky dullards who don't get that these are just "common sense" reforms that preserve the Second Amendment. If he really were talking to gun owners who oppose confiscation, this would be extremely condescending, but he's actually speaking to his anti-gun supporters, who largely know nothing about firearms, self defense, or the history of gun control.

During yesterday's stunt he also mocked the idea that this is part of a "tyrannical all out assault on liberty." All of this was designed to provide talking points for his advocates in the mainstream media and the public. If he really were serious, he could have explained how he intended to protect our rights and defend the Second Amendment.

Here's an example of how dishonest Obama is.  In New York, the Journal News (Westchester) has published a map showing names and addresses of legal holders of handgun permits, to "out" them and demonize them. This now apparently is being used by criminals to identify targets for crime. Local police and corrections officers are outraged, because they are now exposed and are being threatened by criminals.  One woman in hiding from a former husband who had tried to murder her is now terrified for her life.  Some people without guns are now getting permits since they've now been ID'd as "gun free homes" and soft targets for home invaders.  (This short article is quite chilling.)  In this light, the buffoon in the Whitehouse might have explained how the registration proposed in Feinstein's new AWB makes us safer.

Of course, New York has just passed the most draconian anti-gun legislation in the country, rushed through voting and signing in less than 24 hours, without debate or public discussion.  All sorts of perfectly legal firearmsNot tyranny?  Not an all out assault on liberty?  If New Yorkers with "assault weapons" (sic) comply with the registration requirement, two things will happen:

1. Journal News or some similar scoundrels will get the list and publicize it.

2. Sooner or later either New York state or the feds will use the list to confiscate the firearms.

Unforeseen Contingencies counsels New Yorkers to think very carefully before complying with this vicious and oppressive law.  You'll be more of a target if you do than if you don't.  And what has happened in Westchester makes it obvious that no one should comply with Barack Obama and Diane Feinstein's proposal for grandfathering "assault weapons" (sic) by registering them; it won't protect them, or you.  It's complete confiscation they intend, nothing less.  And if they manage to pass this damned AWB, you're going to need those weapons.

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