Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm Christina Holt now!

In terms of policy, the Obama regime has been quite similar to that of Bush 43: undeclared and unending wars, flouting the rule of law and civil rights in the name of "homeland security," extreme fiscal irresponsibility, expansion of entitlements, and secrecy.  Obama has been much worse, in fact, since regime has accelerated these activities and procedures and is institutionalizing them in many cases.

Here's one bad example: Obama's outgoing administrator for the EPA, Lisa Jackson, has used a secret email account under a false name -- Richard Windsor -- to keep some of her EPA activities from public scrutiny.  This violates federal law, and Jackson and the EPA have been sued.  DoJ ultimately ordered Jackson and EPA to make public emails from the account.  So far, Jackson has failed to comply, withholding 900 selected emails.  The House Science Committee is demanding that she comply.

So much for the rule of law.  This is one of many examples of members of Obama and his administration doing whatever suits them, Constitution and law be damned.  It's an unConstitutional and lawless regime; hardly our first, but one of our worst ... probably our worst.  Admittedly Jackson's coverup is probably small potatoes compared to Eric Holder's "Fast and Furious" gunwalking operation and coverup which has apparently killed several hundred innocents at least, or the Obama-Holder summary executions of citizens on mere suspicions (Holder assures us that when he and Obama discuss whether or not to kill someone, that's due process).

Since it probably is small potatoes, one can at least make fun of it, and someone has.  Americans for Tax Reform has set up an EPA Fake Identity generator so that everyone can become a "Richard Windsor."  Why should the luxury of aliases be limited to the elitist hypocrites of the Obama administration?  Now everyone can have a fake EPA ID.  Now there's egalitarian democracy for you!

Call me Christina!

Note: you'll have to go to the ATR web generator to get your own alias.  The one below displays my name and can't be reset.
Lisa Jackson

Assume your very own fake identity!

Got something to hide? Don't want Congress or pesky taxpayers to find out how you spend your time? Then take a page from outgoing EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson's playbook and just make up a new identity. Get creative with it, don't let traditional limitations like "gender" hold you back – Ms. Jackson went by Richard Windsor.

Accountability is the worst. Fill out the below fields and let ATR help you find the new you!

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