Friday, January 18, 2013

Gun Appreciation Day

Tomorrow, Saturday the 19th, here in the U.S. One way to celebrate is by writing to your local and national representatives, and telling them you oppose gun control.

Ruger Firearms has come up with a webtool that makes this very easy. Just go to their site, click the link, fill out the form, and send. Then write a personal letter to your Congressman, Senators, Governor, and local representatives.

Either we win this fight politically, or we'll find ourselves fighting a much worse sort of battle soon.

Meanwhile, here's something else from their site that is nightmarish.  Help stop this from happening anywhere else.


Simply select a category and then click the "Answer" button next to the question for information on that topic.
If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please Click Here for contact information.
With the new law in New York, is Ruger going to be offering 7-round magazines for my 8+ round gun?
We are aware of the new law and are evaluating magazine options. This could take some time and we ask your patience. We will make more information available once we have had a chance to analyze the law and decide how best to meet the needs of Ruger's customers.
I live in New York and ordered magazines that are now banned, will I receive them?
No. We can no longer ship magazines over seven (7) rounds to New York. Orders for such magazines will be automatically cancelled and you will not be billed for the magazines, though other items will be billed and shipped, as appropriate.
I live in New York; can I still return my firearm to Ruger for repair?
PLEASE DO NOT SEND US MAGAZINES OR FIREARMS THAT ARE PROHIBITED UNDER THE NEW LAW. Firearms that are not prohibited may be returned for repair as before, but we recommend you retain any magazines you have. Once we have an opportunity to examine the law and our obligations under it, we can provide further guidance.

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