Monday, November 12, 2012

Express Your Enthusiasm for President Obama's Reelection!

Politics should always be fun, shouldn't it?  While the administration and the left are rejoicing at their overwhelming mandate (almost 20% of Americans voted for Obama, while only about 19% voted for Romney! -- overwhelming support!), pro-liberty readers of Unforeseen Contingencies are encouraged to let the Whitehouse know how excited they feel about another four years of "hope and change," or "forward," or whatever the heck it is they have planned for us.

And there's an easy way you can do that.  The Whitehouse itself has established We the People, an online petition generator, and promises to give a response to any petition receiving at least 25,000 signatures within a stated time window.  Since the election, petitions have been filed asking that at least nineteen different states be allowed to peacefully secede from the Union.  The Louisiana and Texas petitions are already well over halfway to the 25,000 threshold.  Please, feel free to let Obama and co. know how much you appreciate all they do for you: sign these, plus the one for your home state if there is one.

Sure, nothing will actually come of these petitions (unless signing them gets us on a list we'd rather not be on*), but it is always nice to let our "civil servants" know how much they are loved.  Sign away!

(Note: More blogging and responses to comments upcoming, after I catch up with work.)

*The petition asking the President to create a "Do Not Kill" list that Americans could join to avoid summary execution failed to get 25,000 signatures.

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