Thursday, November 01, 2012

Breaking News! It's Still October!

Since October is "Reclaiming Libertarianism" month, and "we've" barely begun posting everything we're planning, Unforeseen Contingencies announce adoption of the Julian calendar, which makes today 19 October Julian, and gives us through 13 November Gregorian to finish.

We'll never make that deadline either, but it will give us time to think up another excuse (and more time for PL to get us his long-promised "Farewell to Harms").

Next up in "Reclaiming Libertarianism" will be more on science and pseudo-science, followed by a look at "libertarian history." We'll get Rothbard to roll in his grave yet!

Yes, I do apologize. It's been a very busy month, but I'll get it done, hopefully within a few days.
Better late than never.
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